Heelwork to Music in the UK


Thank you to Louise for inviting me to judge at this show. It is a lovely venue, plenty of car parking and brilliant dog walking. As usual, Louise was extremely well organised and the show had a pleasant and calm atmosphere. The sudden hot weather meant that the poor dogs were struggling a bit, not having had time to acclimatise. Such a contrast – only a few weeks away from snow!


Judges: Jan Debnam and Cathy Bates.

1st. Debbie Moore and Mika Miriska (Working Sheepdog) performing to We’re a Couple of Swells by Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. Score 23.25

This is a fabulous round with lots of interesting moves which are put together very well to tell the story of the lyrics, without being over slavish to them. The moves are well orientated so they can be seen clearly. A pleasure to watch.

2nd. Joanna Mayston and Cloudmist of Tawney (Working Sheepdog) performing to Party. Score 21.65

This round also has a very good mix of moves, well orientated and with good contrast, reflecting the dynamics of the music. There was rather a lot of time with the dog spent in various static positions, but in the rest of the round you could admire this dog’s willingness to be that lively in the heat!

3rd. Pat Williams and Wumblibumbly J’ador Monazor (Border Collie) performing to Pick a Pocket from Oliver. Score 21.35

The choreography of this routine includes some very nice ideas that are used well to tell the story of the lyrics. A good use of the space available, with the moves well presented and easy to see.

4th. Naomi Baggaley and Jacobrad Sunday Girl at Paulincross (German Shepherd Dog) performing to The Heat Is On by Glen Frey. Score 21.3

This routine improved as it went on, with the dog becoming more committed. The choreography has been changed since I last saw this round, which the dog seems to prefer, with better flow of movement. These were very difficult conditions for such a large, dark coloured dog, with a relatively small space to work in and such a hot day. Good use was made of the space available.
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