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Heelwork to Music is a worldwide sport and it is especially popular in Europe where several shows and championship competitions are held. If any overseas exhibitors wish to add details of their events please let us know.
UK competitors and judges do sometimes travel abroad to compete and Judge and competitors from overseas are given a warm welcome at UK events no more so than at the Kennel clubs Crufts international freestyle competition which is open to competitors from around the world.

Open European Championships 

Carol Mortimer give us some information about the competition and the Louth team


Please note that the Kennel Club is not supporting the team in selection or in any other way, however the Kennel Club has given kind permission to Louth and District Dog Club to enter a team from Great Britain.

Left to right

Back row:- Karen Sykes, David Hardman, Christina Oxtoby, Lesley Neville, Rob Creek, Helen Dennis, Roger Neville, Dylan Smith (mascot) and Carol Mortimer.

Front Row:- Fly, Spice, Denby, Kath Hardman, Amber, Eze, Nicci Hindson, Nala, Lucy Creek, Skiffle, Maia, Teasel, Dewy.

Welcome to our very strong team for 2014.

Louth and District Dog Club are proud to co-ordinate and make the entries for the team to represent Great Britain in the Open European HTM Championships to be held at Stuttgart, Germany on 14 – 16 November 2014.

Our Heelwork Team (Alphabetical order)

Our Freestyle Team (Alphabetical order)

*Team leaders

Please note that the teams will only be finalised when the entries are made in September.

The back up team

Last year when Carol (team co-ordinator) went to the OEC with the team she realised how important the back up team was with this enormous undertaking. Each has a job to do. The team consists of all those non team competitors in the photo above plus Allan Brown who, as usual, was on the other side of the camera. Carol herself will not be able to go this year so Lesley Neville will take over the role of the whole team co-ordinator when in Germany.

Another reason for celebration is Attila and Heather being selected by the OEC to be judges. It is a much more rigorous and long winded job than any judging in this country.

2014 OEC Judges

Nora Karlyik (Hungary)
Esther Niemeijer (The Netherlands)
Attila Szukalek (England) 
Heather Smith (Scotland) 
Katharina Henf (Germany)

You can follow the team’s progress on its blog:-

and on facebook:-

You can follow the OEC on its own web page:-

Similar to last year you can watch it all in the comfort of your own home as there will be live streaming of the event. More details later.
HandlersDog's K.C nameBreedPet name
Lucy CreekHarriiot Skiffle KingBorder collieSkiffle
Kath HardmanStillmoor Lady in RedBorder CollieAmber
Kath HardmanStillmoor Extra SpecialBorder CollieDenby
Karen Sykes *Iatka Spring SpangleWSDFly
1st reserve Nicci hindsonRavestar Scarlet DancerWSDNala
2nd Reserve Helen DennisGoddess spring of JucandoWSDMaia
HandlerDog's KC nameBreedPet name
Lucy CreekDialynne Making WavesBeagleTeasel
Kath Hardman *September SpiceCrossbreedSpice
Nicci HindsonRavestar Scarlet DancerRow 4 Col 3Nala
Christina Oxtoby Legacy's Eze EzekielBorder CollieEze
1st Reserve Lucy CreekHarriot Skiffle KingBorder CollieSkiffle
2nd Reserve Lesley NevilleBrambledale Blue DewyBearded CollieDewy
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