Heelwork to Music in the UK

Findon Downs  1/3/2014

Thank you to the Organisers of Findon Downs for inviting me to Judge at their show.

Unfortunately entry numbers were down this year but hopefully now that the venue is now carpeted that will change for future shows.

A lovely relaxed show, with every competitor able to not feel rushed to do their round and of course some wonderful dog and handler relationships developing.

Not to mention the lovely lunch that the Findon team put on. You need to put this show in your diaries for next year!!

Now for the results 

Intermediate Heelwork         Entry 8        Completed Routines 6

1st Place  Cathy Bates and Ruskath Lyrical Image. A very young dog to be working at this level and win the class. A slow piece of music that helped the dog to maintain heelwork positions, different directions used and a nice variety of positions used. The dog goes a bit wide on turns but the most important thing to work on next Cathie is to build your dogs confidence so that she can really enjoy her work. A well deserved win, well done.

2nd Place Sarah Smith and Forever Just Fen. Mainly forward work from this team but what a motivated and happy dog that knows her job and her positions. You now need to look at moving in sideways and backward directions and that win will soon be yours. The happiest dog in the class, well done.

3rd Place Cathie Imlach and Iteru Red Russett. A lovely choice of music for this pair and some lovely interpretation by the handler. Unfortuately the dog was a bit distracted today causing some inconsistent positions to be kept. Really nice that the handler was not using hand signals for all positions.

4th Place Jill Davis and Rosmarinus Cinnabar at Glidersway HTM.N.Ex. Another very young dog to be in this class and he has loads of style and potential. A good range of positions and directions used, he was just a bit distracted today.

5th Place Diane Jones and Tawnabawn Astrantia. A lovely stylish dog who has beautiful movement. Mainly forward work today and she needs to come a bit closer to you to go further in this class. Be careful with your transition moves as this turns her further away from you.

6th Place Marilyn Lowman and Beautiful Foxy Lady. This dog does some lovely pivots and sideways movements in different heelwork positions but has a tendancy to be wide on her forward work especially the turns and there was lots of luring going on, I am sure that was just nerves as she doesn’t need the help.

Thank you all for a very enjoyable day.

Louise Ince Head Judge

Starters Freestyle

Thank you to Findon Downs DTC for inviting me to judge.  It was a lovely day as always, the sun shone and there was a lovely friendly atmosphere.  I must mention the ladies who kept us supplied with bacon rolls, fantastic lunch and cake - thank you!

12 entries  - 8 worked

1st – Nicky Maxwell and Ironlake Seferino. Performed to You’ve Got To Pick a Pocket Or Two.

Interesting routine with good musical interpretation with a good variety of moves.  Well deserved win.

2nd – Di Morgan and Hawkstar out of the blue for darkquest. Performed to Charleston.

Another nice routine with good musical interpretation, however, be careful that the judges eye is not drawn to the handler rather than the dog. 

3rd – Sue McAuliffe and Decoymans Piper Wilma. Performed to Raindrops keep falling on my head.

Lovely routine, the music really suited the handler and dog, with good use of the umbrella as a prop.

4th – Di Morgan and Darkquest Fancy That. Performed to A Fella With An Umbrella.

A nice routine - I personally preferred this routine to your Charleston Di as you were working more as a team. 

Intermediate Heelwork To Music    8 entries – 6 worked

1st – Cathy Bates and Ruskath Lyrical Image.  Performed to The Rose.

Nice routine, the slow music suited the venue, however I would have liked to have seen this little dog looking happier – which she did when she moved faster.  She obviously has quite a repertoire positions/moves, so my suggestion would be to spend time building her confidence so that she looks like she is enjoying her time in the ring.

2nd – Sarah Smith and Forever Just Fen.  Performed to Promenade.

I really liked this routine, very good musical interpretation, and accurate too.  Get some more directional content in Sarah!  Such a happy dog!  

3rd – Cathie Imlach and Iteru Red Russett.  Performed to Liquid Lunch.

Lovely routine again with good musical interpretation, dog not quite focused today but good effort.

4th – Jill Davis and Rosmarinus Cinnabar at Glidersway.  Performed to Something Pyschological.

Another nice routine, unfortunately the dog was rather distracted today, (I wondered if it was the noise of the floor Jill) but when he focused he worked really well.

Louise Ballard Head Judge

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