Heelwork to Music in the UK



There were some very promising rounds in this class, with handlers sensibly keeping things reasonably simple for young dogs at the outset of their careers.

The working space at this venue is a little constricted, which challenges some of the larger dogs. Nonetheless, some of the choreography failed to make the best use of the space that was available.

1st. Debbie Moore with Mika Mariska, performing to Kitten on the Keys by Eddie Rubach. Score 22.8

A busy piece of music to suit a busy little dog who was working brightly and attentively throughout. This round used all the available space with a good variety of patterns, using nice long stretches of work to demonstrate that the dog could hold position correctly. Sideways and backwards moves were well used, and for sufficient stretches to demonstrate them properly. A well- deserved win.

2nd. Diane Jones and Ivenza’s Little Dancer performing to Liberty Bell, by the USA Marine Band. Score 21.3

This is a very smart little person who quickly settled into her round and looked like she was really enjoying herself (and she definitely gets cute marks!). She holds very good forwards left and right positions and looks very smart. Loved her bell ringing. A simple round at the moment, as she is very much a baby. I will enjoy watching her in the future.

3rd. Alison Wilde and Shemella Badgers Moon, performing to Koro Bushka by Bond. Score 19.5

Such a pleasure to see Badger making an effort and showing off Alison’s choreography. A good use of space, pacing and patterns reflect the dynamics of the music, with a variety of heelwork positions and directions.

4th. Jo Maquire and Wildsea Queen of Hearts performing to Love is Easy by McFly. Score 17.45

A dog who needs space. The choreography didn’t help here as there was repetitive use of figures of 8 in the centre of the ring, and insufficient use made of the space that was available to give flow and demonstrate correct heelwork positions. The round was mainly forwards.

Jan Debnam -Head judge
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