Heelwork to Music in the UK

Findon Downs DTC
11th November 2017

Judges: Gina Pink & Jo Preston

Class: Advanced HTM

Number of entries: 13 Number of withdrawn dogs: 2 Number of training rounds: 1

Music: Tony Commentator: Pat Timer: Don

My thanks to Pat O’Shea and the Committee of Findon Downs DTC for asking me to Judge
and for a super days heelwork to music. Thank you to the above for timing, music and commentary and to the stewards for giving their time during the running of this class; very much appreciated. This class was of very mixed ability. Overall standard of this class was very good with still some hand targeting which I do not expect to see at this level but we did have some young and/or experienced dogs in the class that may still need this help.

That said the placings were as follows:

1st. Joanna Mayston with Mists of Tawny, performing to I’d Do Anything For Love by Meatloaf. Nice clean routine; good story; no hand luring to keep the dog in position; some transitions a bit messy but generally a good competent routine. Overall score: 27.15

2nd. Louise Ince with Decoymans Piper Edward, performing to Shine by Bond. Another good routine with very little hand luring of the dog. Again transitional moves were a bit messy and Troy had trouble keeping in position at times which seems to be just a little lack of confidence but Louise handled the situation well with lots of encouragement. Overall score 24.25

3rd. Alison Wilde with Shemella Badgers Moon performing to Wings by Birdy. For some reason touched her dog at one point to praise him which lost marks; needed some hand luring but otherwise was a very controlled and flowing round. Very well done. Overall score 22.40

4th. Cathy Bates with Ruskath Lyrical Image performing to A Thousand Years by Christina Perry. Very nice routine but for some reason today the dog did not respond to cues promptly and seemed to lack confidence which lost points. Cathy handled her very well and always stays calm and collected which helped her dog immensely. Overall score 22.20


1st. Ellis O’Grady and Jackpotstud First Spot. Score 21.05

An interesting round with a good mix of positions, and good lengths of sideways, backwards and rotational moves. The choreography is good – well orientated and recognising the dynamics of the music. This is a large, powerful dog who works best once he has got going, so this smaller venue was not ideal for him. But a pleasure to watch.

2. Jennifer Stevens and Acquitrino Phil’s Emerald. Score 20.8

This is a lovely young dog who did a fabulous job for the first part of the round, but who then lost a bit of concentration. The choreography is good and flowing, with a variety of positions. Some very nice sideways moves. Good use of space and moves well orientated.

3. Joanna Mayston and Cloudmist of Tawny. Score 20.75

This round contained some very accurate heelwork, and the choreography respected the dynamics of the music for the most part. The dog was getting a bit stressed and vocal, with the handler stopping to let the dog calm, which disrupted the flow. A good mix of heelwork positions, including good stretches of sideways, backwards and rotational moves.

4. Jackie Field and Careg Cennen Sir William. Score 19.85.

Another round with a good mix of heelwork positions and some sideways, backwards and rotational moves. The choreography is well orientated and makes good use of the space available.

Jan Debnam, Head Judge.
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