Heelwork to Music in the UK



Judges: Jan Debnam and Cathy Bates.

1st.Georgina Springall and Dolly Mix Performing to Chim Chim Cheree by Dick Van Dyke Score: 21.25.

This is an interesting routine to the Chimney Sweep song from Mary Poppins. I judged this routine recently at Paws in the Park and it had improved, with more of the opening sequence being produced and the orientation of a sequence behind the large chimney stack prop better orientated so the judges could see what was happening. The initial paws sequence with the sweep’s brush needs to be rotated 45 degrees as the dog’s body currently obscures the movement from the judges. The chimney pot is properly used and allows some good distancing work from the dog. A good variety of moves with a recognisable choreographic theme and good use of space.

2nd .Carol Hamley and Carol’s Chocolate Chip Cookie performing to Stop the Cavalry by Jona Lewie Score 20.15

What a smart little dog this is. Very busy and impatient with his Mum to get on with it! He made a few mistakes on his cues but was always working and trying to produce something that he though was right. A good mix of moves, which he produces with verve. Carol needs to find ways to allow him to express his natural working speed a bit more, to make use of this lovely little dog. The choreography tries to reflect the pacing of the music and phraseology, and uses the space well.

3rd. Barbara Biggs and Catcombe Crystal Connor performing to Fanlight Fanny by Clinton Ford by Score: 17.8

Connor was not really up for this and advised his Mum that he was really not in the mood for some of the moves and had no intention of fetching his flagon of ale or going round it. There are some nice ideas in this routine so it is a shame that Connor felt unable to produce more of it. There is some very nice distancing and moves at a distance, without a prop, which are good to see.

Jan Debnam
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