Heelwork to Music in the UK

Findon Downs 27/2/2016

Novice Heelwork – Judges Jan Debnam and Louise Ince

Thank you to Findon Downs for putting on this show and inviting me to Judge. You did an excellent job despite the hiccup of venue the week before and all ran effortlessly.


1st Place to Di Morgan and Darquest Fancy That

First into the ring and they set the standard, some lovely no nonsense heelwork showing good positions and timing to the music. A well deserved win, well done.

2nd Place to Barbara Bigg and Catcombe Crystal Connor

Connor works in a very methodical way and is handled well by Barbara who chose music to suit his style, main faults today were lagging in the forward positions.

3rd Place to Jo Maguire and Wildsea Queen of Hearts

Mainly forward working with some lovely freestyle bits. It was a shame about the wittering and just watch the hand targeting.

4th Place to Jo Preston and Sweet Cody Girl

Cody was quite distracted today causing her to work wide and forward of her positions, some lovely side stepping but watch that she does not leave her back end behind.

5th Place to Tierney Hill and Dexys Cadbreigh Star

This dog is more than capable of doing some great heelwork but today she unfortunately made a lot of noise. The routine was a bit “bitty” and needs some more depth to bring out the best in this pairing.

Well done to everyone who took part.

Louise Ince
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