Heelwork to Music in the UK

Scottish Border Collie HTM show on Sunday 16 November

Thank you for inviting me to judge at this first KC show run by the Scottish Border Collie club and the VIPs. A really enjoyable show all round with a great atmosphere and many welcoming faces.

Novice HTM - Head judge Jeanette Fyfe( co-judge Ann DeRizzio)

1st - Helen Boyd with The Travelin’ Irish Minstrel performing to Wild Horses. A beautifully worked routine which suited Drake down to the ground. Helen handled him really well especially when he became momentarily distracted by barking in the hall.  21.5 
2nd - Jeanette Allison with Summerbreeze at Derwent Oak performing to Sing Australia. Good stylish heelwork throughout the routine, although there was some forward working at the beginning and intermittently. Well thought out routine with good use of the ring.21.0

3rd - Helen Boyd with Indijazz Show Stopper performing to Car Wash. A quite simple but effective routine with good varied heelwork and lovely transitions.20.5

4th - Alison Sinclair with Barrabrae Misty Dancer of Siochail performing to Cry of the Celts. Bracken was a bit slow to get started but soon got into her stride. A well choreographed routine which showed off Bracken’s strong points. 19.5

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