Heelwork to Music in the UK

Strictly Canine 27.6. 2015
Lead Judge’s Report –  Novice HTM

Jill Davis co-judged by Helen Dennis

1st. Caroline Johnson and Moffatdale Dazzlin Sun, BC performing to Me and My Broken Heart by Rixton. 21.2

Worked mainly in three positions with just a brief sortie into two others. This dog tries hard to do as Caroline wants but I have observed and judged this dog quite a few times in Advanced Freestyle as well and the same comment applies, he appears confused at times by what that actually is. I hope you get this sorted because he is a smashing dog that really tries hard.

2nd. Lorraine Rohland and Moortime Moonbeam, Australian Shepherd performing to 16 tons by Robbie Williams. 20.3

This team used the whole of the ring to good advantage with some nice floor patterns. Content was a little weak utilising six positions but for the most part only going in one direction in each of them. A couple of missed cues in the freestyle parts and got lost on one corner but nevertheless a sound performance that has no doubt now improved after all the training you put in the following day.

3rd. Erica Hyde and Laurelin Andante, BSD Tervueren performing to Fly Me To The Moon by Danny Williams. 19.05

I wrote on my score sheet “The best I have ever seen this dog work.” Had a lovely prop of the moon, planets and stars hanging on a stand. Dante was attentive, worked well in all the positions utilised and at three different paces. Errors were minimal and the freestyle using the prop was pleasing to watch.

4th. Louise Leverton and Stillmoor Dancing Rosey, a BC performing to All of Me by John Legend. 18.7

Content a little weak inasmuch as the majority of the heelwork in each position was in the same direction each time but you did show a change of pace occasionally and Rosey’s heelwork was mostly accurate. There was only one missed cue in the freestyle part and although there were a few woofs there were not enough to detract from the performance and incur penalties.

The show as a whole was excellent, having been moved to a larger building than the one booked so we had oodles of space to warm up and practise. Pete did his usual exemplary job as DJ and it was nice to see some new faces and dogs. We even attracted visitors from the rest of the showground where other activities were taking place. Nicci and her club members worked hard to make the day enjoyable for everyone.
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