Heelwork to Music in the UK


Novice HTM part One and Part Two Barbara Whittaker and Janice Gibbons

Thank you to Westglen Dog Training Club for the opportunity to Judge this class, I stood in for Jill Davis who has had this horrid bug, get well soon Jill we all missed you this weekend.

I have not judged at novice level for quite some time now and was quite surprised with the standard, although everyone had a few brilliant sections within their routines and had obviously put in a lot of work, there were only 2 teams out of 30 teams who displayed sound basic training. My feedback here is designed to help and hopefully motivate you to develop a higher standard, it is not a criticism, it is just an observation. I love this sport and I know everyone can raise the standard that the working party work tirelessly to promote.

Let me give you all some advice which will raise you game and in some cases point out where you are going wrong. 1 Apply 80% Training 15% Practicing and 5% Testing within your training plan, 2 Your dogs must know where to be when you ask them for a position, if you get this right you will then be able to interpret the music better and start to enjoy HTM (there were a lot of sad faces and not just from the handlers). 3 Hand targeting is a very useful tool when training, by all means use it in your routine, but in my book when you use it in the ring, if your dog’s nose touches your hand it then becomes a training aid and is markable.

Other habits that some handlers were using were kneeing you dogs into position not allowed in my book too, also pushing and pulling your dogs about before you start, there was a failed recall corrected by using the dogs tail, and toy tugging where all the dogs feet came off the floor whilst hanging from the tuggy.

The results of this class are as follows, I do hope everyone was watching these two teams as Cathy demonstrated by how to manage a raw youngster in the ring and Ali demonstrating how to rely on your training and partner to appear to work effortlessly together.

Novice Part One

1st. Cathy Bates and Sarkam Twinkle Toes. Well done Cathy you are producing a talented little soldier here, nice positions and Twinkle maintaining them which enabled you to work hands off and demonstrate some good interpretation, just what a novice team should be. Cathy used plenty of praise to help Twinkle keep focused and she gave Twinkle 100% attention so that Twinkle did not have feelings of failure. Good Luck Cathy in Intermediate.

2. Ali Buck and Cheriva Winters Dark Star, Well done Ali you demonstrated many hours of training to show attention to detail, good changes, accuracy and musical interpretation, Good Luck Ali in Intermediate.

3. Valerie Perkins and Ban Up For The Crail this team produced some tidy positions and expressions. Well Done

4th. Elaine Cairns and Elaine’s Black Magic, lovely shepherd working well, just bits a pieces nice music and presentation Well Done

5th.Michaela Gunning and Wot A Sparkler, yes she is a sparkler, watch the woofing, very fast routine more content would have helped today, very interesting to judge Well Done

6th. Jean Tomkinson and Alexbria Quahneah nice to see you back in the ring she looks well after having her babies Well Done

Novice HTM Part Two

1st. Andrea Rogers and Higglety Pigglety Gibbon allways a pleasure to watch this handler, you have produced some great action from this young dog, now build in the position well done

2nd. Betty Keepax with Danehaven Ellice well done attention to detail needed, good choice of music Good Luck

3rd. Sonya Ingledew and Storms Enchanting Breeze nice relaxed partnership, more training to produce more confidence Good Luck.

4th. Linda Glover and Love On The Rocks he is a lovely looking dog good choice of music Good Luck with him.

5th.Margaret Booth and Pap Pretty Now and Forever For Burbridge, small dog which harder to work. Well Done and Good Luck

6th. Penny Hudson and It’s Just Happy Harry Well Done he is Happy Harry, great to see the westies in the ring a bit of wandering today good Luck

Enjoy your Training and remember a Trick Trained dog is a Happy Dog

Intermediate HTM Judges Barbara Whittaker and Angela Briggs

Thank you to Westglen Dog Training Club for the opportunity to Judge this class, we were looked after within an inch of our lives, 1st class service well done

I found today that all the teams had some good points and showed some talent, but all the teams were lacking sound basics, take time to revisit them and you will be able to enjoy demonstrating better interpretation to the music. This class is your last foundation class to the advanced level, so get them right.

11 entered and 8 were Judged, 2 teams were training which were a pleasure to watch, and congratulations to Sandra Hallam with Sparkles who won out of this class the day before.

The results of this class are as follows

1st. Lorraine Thomas and Mister Bones, this is always a great team to watch as Lorraine attention to detail in her basic training is evident, which helps her dog maintain a good position. But like many of us, Lorraine’s confidence and trust in Mister Bones is a big factor so believe in him. Good Luck

2nd. Iris Maxfield and Flippin Eck, well Flippin Eck you are becoming a skilled team, he loves working with you and you have put in good skills that he understands, lovely heel work in places some. Sniffing was a slight problem today and also watch the targeting/ hand touching and late finishing at the end of your routine. Good Luck

3rd. Lucy Creek and Sonnetend Cordelia, This is a very experienced team, Lucy had to work very hard to keep her with her today which produce periods of nice work and attention. But her basics need attention . Good Luck.

4th. Barbara Bury and The Young Pretender, Barbara did a nice paced routine, which covered most of the positions, one or two were a bit wide, good choice of music, Just relax and Good Luck in the future.

5th. Barbara Bigg and Catcombe Crystal Conner, good choice of music some good positions and a few needing attention so again go back to basics to move forward, well done and Good Luck

6th. Margaret Booth and Jaerica Jubilee Gwyliau, again good choice of music, he knows to keep with you and has some favourite positions, again as above work on you basics and you will be able improve the accuracy, Good Luck.

Enjoy your Training and remember a Trick Trained dog is a Happy Dog


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