Heelwork to Music in the UK


What a lovely friendly and well organised show, so many smiley faces and happy dogs. For a change it did not rain. The trophies were fabulous, another nice touch each competitor received a gift pack for their dog/s, also the rosettes were really lovely. The butty van kept everyone fed and watered, myself included. Judges were well looked after and given a beautiful gift of a commemorative plaque and luncheon vouchers. There was a large entry and all ran smoothly under the watch full eye of Maggie Backhouse and her team of helpers and DJ Ray did a superb job all day. A nice touch was the Fun Classes which were enjoyed by entrants and spectators alike

The CRUFTS SEMI Q HEELWORK class had a large entry which was as divided into Part 1 & Part 2. My co judge was Ali Buck and for the most part we were in agreement with our placings

Part 1 – 16 entries - 10 competitors worked – 3 training rounds and 3 withdrawn

Part 2 – 17 entries - 12 competitors worked – 4 training rounds and 1 withdrawn

Individual reports – of PART 1 and PART 2 + COMBINED RESULTS

Individual reports PART 1

1st – Irene Walsh – with Oltomaine Jack performing to Paint the Town Green by the Script scoring 26.9

A duo performing for only the second time in ADV Semi Q this was a performance to be savoured. The costume was a bright vivid green top and Hat and was a perfect choice. The music was interpreted well using the energy and timing to show off forward, backward, sideways, in and out ADV moves in different positions, superb use of joins complimented the moves – looking forward seeing more of this pair

2nd – Lucy Heath – with Stillmoor Winter Sun performing to The Circle Of Life - scoring 24.75

Lovely Costume and props enhanced the routine. There was lots of fantastic focus, good use of the ring. Fast paces, superb timing and control made for a brilliant routine to watch. Brilliant musical interpretation utilising both in & out ADV moves and varying paces resulting in a very entertaining routine. Unfortunately Barking had an impact on the overall score.

3rd – Cathy Bates – with Ruskath Lyrical image performing to A Thousand Years by Caty Perry – scoring 24.05

Costume was a beautiful Gold and white chiffon Dress. A lovely flowing performance with smooth changes of pace and direction with excellent use of Freestyle moves utilising the rhythm and poises in the music complimented the whole performance. Sybil did not seem to be working to her usual standard and this was born out when it was reported that she was found to be poorly hope she gets well soon.

– LESLEY NEVILLE – with Brambledale Blue Dewi performing to Passionata by the London Musicians Orchestra – scoring 23.55

Black & red sparkly outfit complimented a very dramatic piece of music choreographed brilliantly using slow and fast paces to bring out all the drama, nice use of Pivots and joins the musical interpretation and the freestyle moves enhanced this performance, always a pleasure to see this pair compete. Choreography is always paramount with just a tad of freestyle to compliment the routine

Individual reports PART 2 -

1st – Kath Hardman – with Stillmoor Extra Special performing to Pinocchio Medley by Nicola Pavani - scoring 27

A lovely routine good choice of costume and prop, excellent musical interpretation using a variety of heelwork moves and paces using both in and out ADV moves, the joins and symmetry were beautiful and just flowed into one another using the nuances in the music to perfection. A routine to be proud of that clearly showed the lovely bond with handler and dog.

2nd Ann De Rizzio – with Stillmoor Red Sky at Night performing to The Wiz/Wizard of Oz Medley/Slide some Oil to Me - score 24.15

Costume silver “tin suit and hat “and props complimented and helped tell the story. The variety of moves and joins worked really well, super focus and bond. Changes in pace and freestyle moves and excellent use of props, the interpretation of the music using fast and slow paces and plenty of drama and fun enhanced an enjoyable routine.

3rd – Anne Shuker with Freckly Frenzy performing to Live Out Loud by Thea Gilman – Scoring 24.1

The costume was a lovely blue top with matching hair piece. Always love seeing Freckle strutting his stuff his bouncing was down to a minimum lovely use of arm postures to control the positions and still keeping the drive and happiness. Using in & out ADV moves in different positions with fast changes and joins enhanced the performance, massive improvement loved it.

4th – Jill Davis with Rosmarinus at Glidersway performing to – I Giorni by Ludovico Einaudi – music change to schedule - Scoring 23.85.

The outfit of pale trousers and dark brown top complimented Matisse and set the scene for this beautiful piece of music. Musical interpretation timing and phrasing with some nice front lateral moves at the start and changes of pace helped to blend this routine together There were a number of in & out ADV moves in different positions with control and balance; a nice touch was the in & out front & back freestyle move holding positions beautifully. Such a shame Jill accidentally stood on Matisse which put him out of position and they lost momentum for a while. Thoroughly loved this routine

As the large entry meant the class had to be split –


1st – Kath Hardman with Stillmoor Extra Special – Scoring 27 – Winner of Part 2

2nd – Irene Walsh with Oltomaine Jack – Scoring 26.9 – Winner of part 1

3rd – Lucy Heath with Stillmoor Winter Sun - Scoring 24.75

4th – Ann De Rizzio with Stillmoor Red Sky at Night Scoring 24.15

5th – Ann Shuker with Freckle Frenzy Scoring 24.1

6th – Cathy Bates with Ruskath Lyrical Image Scoring 24.05

7th – Jill Davis with Rosmarinus at Glidersway Scoring 23.85

8th – Lesley Neville with Brambledale Blue Dewi Scoring 23.55

Congratulations and well done to all the Advanced Heelwork competitors in this class. There was a real mixture of types of music, musical interpretation and individuality which made both parts of the class a joy to judge.

The weather was pretty hot and stifling at times for both parts of the class and all competitors should be proud of their achievements with how they showed off their bond with their dogs, the overall standard was excellent.

Head Judge - Janice Gibbons
Ynys Mon Anglesey 
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