Heelwork to Music in the UK

                                   Anything But a Collie

This competition is dedicated to the memory of Bailey, who is still the only German Spitz to have qualified to work the HTM class at Advanced level and represented the UK in Team GB in 2010.

This is designed to encourage and celebrate the different breeds that work within our sport and entry into this competition could not be easier.

How It Works:

Open to all levels of heelwork to music and freestyle classes to any breed of dog except for border collies and working sheepdogs.

How your dog is registered with the Kennel Club will determine whether your dog qualifies to work in this competition. If in doubt please contact Gina Pink.

Print off or download the attached record sheet; you will need one for each dog.

At each Kennel Club licensed show simply record your dogs placing within their class. 

Example below for your reference:

Points can be obtained by attending Kennel Club Licensed shows between 1st of November 2014 and 3rd of October 2015 inclusive. So you might have points already if you attended the Paws N Music Andover show in November 2014 or the Rugby HTM show in January 2015.

The ABC finals will take place at Forest Oak Farm, Gloucestershire, on Saturday 31st October 2015.

The top 25 dogs in each class will be invited to enter the ABC Finals.

Does that mean I have to attend loads & loads of shows to get points to enter?

No, you may only be able to attend 1 or 2 shows this year but you may have gained enough points to qualify to the Finals at those shows. So enter any way regardless of how few shows you have attended over the coming year. It’s free to apply so what have you got to lose?

What if I don’t have any points, can I still apply to enter?

Yes, if your ABC dog has not obtained any points yet you can still apply to enter the show but the top 25 dogs in that class will be allowed to enter the show first. If the class is not full your entry will still be accepted.

Which breeds are permitted to qualify for this event?

Any breed except for a collie type such as the Border Collie and Working Sheepdog. However the dog is registered with the Kennel Club will determine whether it may qualify as an ABC dog or not.

What happens if a dog wins out of a class?

Just keep an accurate record of your dogs’ placings at Kennel Club Licensed shows only and in which class it was entered and I will do the rest. If your dog qualifies out of its class it might still qualify to compete in its lowest class dependent on when it qualifies out.

Can I qualify a dog in both Heelwork to Music and Freestyle? 


What do I do if I would like to enter this competition?

Just complete your dogs ABC records sheet and email it to me at no later than Sunday 4 October 2015. 

Random checks of results will be undertaken for their accuracy. 

A full list of who has qualified through to the finals will be published by 6th of October 2015 to allow for travel arrangements and entry forms will be emailed to all qualifying dogs. It is free to enter this competition but usual show entry fees will apply for the Finals show.

The Finals

You will be required to pay a show entry fee for the Final for each dog you have qualified and this will be approximately £10 per dog per class. All qualifiers will receive a rosette and the overall winner of each class a trophy.

Any further questions please see Gina Pink at shows or email me at

Date Name of showClass enteredPlaceThis column is for office use only
28th FebruaryDancing pawsNovice HTM10th
28th FebruaryDancing pawsStarters Freestyle4th
31st MarchTippy toesNovice HTM3rd
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