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SHOW ENTRY FORMS – “Unbelievable” !

Only those who are committed to our sport of HTM are willing to take on the time consuming tasks of a Show Secretary and Show Manager. Processing the entry forms in order to draw up full and accurate information for running orders and catalogue, is only part of the picture but sadly, far too often it is more like a forensic investigation requiring investigative skills and psychic powers.

The most common mistakes made in filling out entry forms are :
Illegible handwriting - including vital information such as email addresses. All information should be printed –capital letters please.
Incorrect spelling - What is written on the entry form is what is printed in the catalogue.
No KC registration number for the dog -This is compulsory for all show entries.
No signature -Again a necessity otherwise it negates the entry.
Number and name of the class entered do not tally - Making it hard to assess which is the correct one.
Multiple entries on one form - A different form MUST be used for each entry [clearly stated in schedules and on entry forms] so please do not scribble additional entries on the back of a form, on a scrap of paper or squeeze 2 or more entries on one form!
If you wish to have running orders sent by post then you must tick the box on all your entry forms. Also, if requested to send a stamped addressed envelope then please remember to include it.
Music details are often incomplete with “unknown” frequently written for either or both the track and performer. There are now music applications and software to help identify these necessary details.

The closing date i.e. last day of posting, is clearly stated on entry forms. It should be obvious that entries are expected to arrive within a couple of days of this date. A “proof of posting” slip can be obtained from a post office free of charge and is recommended in case your entry is held up in the post. Late entries are NOT ACCEPTABLE so please do not phone or email in the hope you can be squeezed in. On line entries must similarly be in on time.

So, come on everybody- new comers and old hands alike – let’s make a New Year Resolution for 2014, to
check carefully that entry forms are filled in clearly, correctly and sent in plenty of time,
so the Show Secretaries do not have to spend an inordinate amount of time deciphering , following up errors and filling in missing information.


Entering a show
What not to do when filling in your entry form!
By Lesley Brocklehurst

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