Heelwork to Music in the UK

Bearded Collie Club (Scottish branch)
Novice HTM – 29.5.15

Head judge Jill Davis. Co-judged with Alisanne Buck and Andrea Rogers

On the whole I was disappointed with this class as I felt that most routines could have had more content and the heelwork could have been more accurate. Even the musical interpretation was minimal in many routines. Many of the scores I gave only hovered around the pass mark.

1st. Heather Smith with Yakee Dancing on Ice, a Bichon Frise, performing to Chinese Laundry Song by the Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra. Points 21.9 In this routine Heather used a washboard as a prop. This routine was kept very simple and I would have liked to have seen more variety of heelwork positions, directions and speeds but Heather obviously knows that it is better to do a few things well than lots badly and she was certainly accurate and attentive with just one lapse of concentration.

2nd. Barbara Whittaker with Van De Galeystukken LeRoy, a Border Collie, performing to Cry Me Out by Pixie Lott. Points 21.1 My score sheet says “Shows potential but needs more work.” I am afraid I felt that the moves did not fit the music in this routine. They did execute more positions but there was a bit of lagging in a couple of places. And what happened to your usual wonderful costume?

3rd. Gayle Evans with Jarysmystic Golden Isle, a Golden Retriever, performing to Wake Me Up by Avicci. Points 19.7 Although this team did tend to repeat the same 3 positions many times they were done at different paces but if you can do a different position once then why not do it at least twice to give the performance more variety? Good musical interpretation. A few lapses of attention and lags.

4th. Barbara Bury with The Young Pretender, a crossbreed, performing to Go West by The Pet Shop Boys. Points 18.4 This little dog worked well today and most of the work was very accurate apart from not wanting to walk back and some minor bits and pieces.
Advanced Freestyle – 29 May, 2015

Head Judge - Jill Davis Co-judged with Helen Taylor and Louise Ince

1st. Nicci Hindson with Ravestar Scarlett Dancer, a WSD, performing to A Whole New World by Peabo Bryson. Points 25. I love this new routine of Nicci’s. She always strives for perfection and in my opinion this routine, although new, has almost achieved it already. The routine flowed beautifully, enhanced by the floaty scarf. She incorporated so many different moves I almost ran out of paper making a note of them all. Nala is looking so confident now and is really coming into her own.

2nd. Cathy Bates with Ruskath Lyrical Image, a WSD, performing to It’s Raining Men. Points also 25 but awarded second place having a lower Musical Interpretation score than Nicci. Cathy wore black leggings, jumper and sparkly top. This is also a new routine for this team utilising two umbrellas as props. Just a few missed cues and a couple of episodes of distraction but again a high level of content, accuracy and musical interpretation. Sybil is gaining in confidence all the time and her skills belie her very young age.

3rd.Janice Gibbons with Aritaur Aphrodite, a Doberman, performing to Candy by Robbie Williams. Points 20.8 Well Janice look at you up in 3 place! Janice had a pink podium, a red bag and a red & white cane as props and sporting a pink suit. Lots of lovely moves in this routine and strangely enough also had the same problem as a lot of other dogs today and did not want to walk backwards. Obviously in strange surroundings these dogs are worrying about what is behind them. Not quite the content and accuracy of the first two teams with just a few missed cues but a good routine and with just a little more polish will add a few more points.

4th. Pamela Ruscoe with Cheeky Keeva of Kilkenny, a crossbreed, performing to Magic Moments by Perry Como. Points 19.1 Pamela wore a black suit and hat with a gold band and white gloves. Props were a trick flowerpot, small wand, trick very large wand and playing cards. I am afraid I downmarked this routine on content as the dog spent an awful lot of time just running round in circles and running round props. Still the interpretation of the magician’s tricks was good and if you work on the other moves will in my opinion, earn a lot more points.

Starters Musical Dressage 

Head Judge Jill Davis – co-judged with Christine Bennett

A small class of five but all worked and attained a good pass mark. I thought they all did a good job with very little difference in marks between any of them meaning that on a different day they all stand a good chance of winning and if you can get your dogs to move in time to the music for longer periods that will definitely help it to become dressage rather than freestyle. Also be aware that freestyle moves that prevent the dog from moving in a natural rhythmic movement with elements smoothly joined and reflecting the musical timing will mean a lower score.

1st. Jamie Dryburgh with Celtacastus Magic Delight, a GSD, performing to Brunuhville, the Wolf and the Moon. Scoring 19.35 For me the positives of this team were the nice floor patterns and the musical interpretation but the things that lost you marks were two sections where your dog was not in time to the music and of course the loss of just half a mark for making noise.

2nd. Gayle Evans with Jarysmystic Golden Isle, a Golden Retriever, performing to Countess Cathleen/Woman of the Sidhe by Bill Whelan. Scoring 19.25 A good variety of moves with some inaccuracies and only one section not in time to the music.

3rd. Toni Lock with Capehope Injasana, a Border Collie, performing to A Rocking Good Way by Dinah Washington and Brook Benson. Scoring 19.10 There was a lot of curving in a free distant position which became rather repetitive , both sections of reversing were not in time with the music and in my opinion your dog needed slowing down. Some of your moves were just freestyle and should not have been included. E.g. rolling and kissing.

4th. Kim Donaldson with Minnie Millie Mix, a crossbreed, performing to Backwards. Scoring 18.9 Your dog worked beautifully in time to the music with her terrier trot but was somewhat inaccurate in places and there were a couple of episodes of wandering off and sniffing.

5th. Anne Taylor with Rudi Two Shoes, a Miniature Poodle, performing to These Boots Are Made For Walking by Nancy Sinatra. Scoring 18.55. I have included the fifth place for several reasons – as there were only five in the class it seemed mean to leave one out, she was only .35 behind the 4 placed competitor and was in fact my 4 placed team. Does need to work on the dog moving in time to the music at all speeds. The walk did not do that. The routine needs to be smoother, without jumping and sniffing.

Friday 29th May 2015 - Novice Freestyle

Head Judge Kristine Hodgson

1st Heather Smith with Dare to be Daniel performing to Two Guitars by Russian Gypsy

Another very enthusiastic, extremely energetic and fast performance by Heather and Dare, although in my opinion not quite as accurate as their previous weeks performance but it was still an entertaining routine. Heather was dressed as a gypsy and used her costume and all of their props throughout and made great use of all the floor space. Very enjoyable to watch.

2nd Helen Taylor with Farthinghall's Nui Nui performing to True Colours by Cyndi Lauper

A great little dog to watch who thoroughly enjoyed her time in the ring. Helen's routine flowed effortlessly from one sequence to the next. Their props included a brightly coloured umbrella which was well used and even a rainbow which Cinders placed her paws upon as their end pose. A very happy team.

3rd Toni Lock with Capehope Injusana performing to The Streets of London

Toni told the story of life on the streets of London using a lot of props including a guitar case, and some very good paintings of people. All of the props were used throughout the routine and her little collie was happy to perform all of her required tasks with great enthusiasm although at times with a little too much.

The other four teams in the class performed training rounds which I hope they all found to be very beneficial.
Saturday 30th May 2015 - Novice Heelwork

Head judge - Kristine Hodgson

1st Barbara Whittaker with Van De Galeystukken Leroy performing to Cry Me Out by Pixie Lott

Barbara and Leroy performed to a lovely piece of music which suited the team well. They performed a lot of very accurate moves with Leroy working at a lovely steady pace with great and well thought of musical interpretation. Very enjoyable to watch.

2nd Helen Taylor with Stillmoor Miss Marble performing to Aint No Stopping Us Now by McFadden and Whitehead

Marble was a very happy and willing team member and and worked with great enthusiasm, as did Helen. Their routine made good use of the floor space and incorporated a variety of speeds, which I personally like to see. Their routine also included some very appropriately placed freestyle moves with were choreographed to fit perfectly to the words of the song.

3rd Marie Docherty with Tri Cariad Pacha Belle Merin performing to Halo by Beyonce

Marie and Erin performed to a more slower paced piece of music which suited Erin very much. Erin worked accurately and smoothly throughout performing a couple of freestyle moves right on cue.Their routine included some very nice pieces of musical interpretation. Another pleasing performance.

This was a large class with twenty two entries unfortunately a couple of teams had withdrawn and seven teams did training rounds. Hopefully those handlers doing training rounds enjoyed their time in the ring as they all certainly appeared to.

The Bearded Collie Club – Scottish Branch

Friday 29 May 2015

PNM Additional Classes Head Judge  Louise Ince

Thank you to the Bearded Collie Club for the invitation to Judge at their show.

Another relaxed and friendly show with a lovely venue but still working on a manual scoring system which had its challenges over the weekend!

The results of the PNM Additional classes that I Judged were as follows

Novice Dressage

1st Place

Pamela Ruscoe and Cheeky Keeva of Kilkenny

A beautiful dressage dog who confidently works away from her handler and remains at the same trot throughout the routine. Some slower bits of dressage now required for the top classes and movement in different directions. A well deserved win.

2nd Place

Helen Taylor and Farthinghall’s Nui Nui is Purepixie

What a delightful little dog this is, working happily and really showing off her trotting to its full potential. Again some slower bits and sideways and backing movement now required to raise her game.

3rd Place

Nicci Hindson and Ravestar Scarlett Dancer

This dog has all the potential to be a stunning dressage dog with a beautiful flying trot, Nicci just needs to choose her music carefully to take full advantage of her dogs movement.

Dances With Dogs


1st Place

Barbara Wyse and Carjinbar Colour Me In

A very popular win for this pairing. Barbara did an excellent job of the Charleston if only her Dog had been a bit more willing to join in! I was very impressed with with your moves though Barbara.

2nd Place

Nicola Cameron and Bonnie Girl from Heriot

A lovely young handler who did a great job of creating dance steps to fit this difficult piece of music again her dog could have been a bit more enthusiastic but a great effort on your part Nicola.

Novice Dances With Dogs

1st Place

Ann De Rizzio and Stillmoor Red Sky at Night

Ann has an incredible sense of rhythm and style and is always a joy to watch dancing, her young dog made the perfect partner for this song choice and is growing in confidence all the time.

Intermediate Dances With Dogs

1st Place

Ann De Rizzio and Stillmoor Rhythm in Blue

Another willing partnership and credible performance evolving here. A very watchable routine.

Advanced Dances With Dogs

1st Place

Cathy Bates and Ruskath Lyrical Image

I loved the beginning of this routine with dog and handler both being able to work in different directions and still keep in time to the music. This young dog does some fantastic distance work and Cathy made a real effort to keep with the theme of the music, just a bit more work needed with the dramatic footstep work and this will be a stunning routine. Well Done.
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