Heelwork to Music in the UK

Canine Freestyle GB May 2014

Crufts Advanced HTM semi- final qualifier

Head Judge - Linda Glover

I had the privilege of judging the Crufts qualifiers H/W on Sunday 11/5/14 and what a large class it was 24 in all.

First of all well done to everyone who entertained us with their many varied routines.

7 competitors did training rounds.

1st place - Kath Hardman with Stillmoor Extra Special.

I really enjoyed watching this dog very artistic and easy on the eye loved his position

changes fast moving and attentive. exc M/I

2nd place -Annette Lowe with Kinaway Mistic Spires.

This dog is only 2 yrs old and a joy to watch lots of H/W positions and accurate too.

Beautiful lateral behind position and forward trot.

3rd place - Karen Sykes with Iatka Spring Spangle.

You would never guess this dog is 13 yrs old she never took her eyes off Karen

throughout this very dramatic routine,excellent positions and changes of pace.

Content and M/I shone through for me.

4th place -Cathy Bates with Ruskath Lyracal Image.

This little girl is not yet 2 and already showing great promise.Sybyl does everything

asked of her although sometimes looks a little unsure in the ring.Super H/W and exc

distance work.

Well done to all the other competitors the standard was very high and the placings were close. Thanks to Pat Parsons for her impute.

Canine freestyle show 10/11 May 2014 Novice freestyle Pt1 and 2

A good size entry for this novice class resulting in the class having to be split into two. A good size working arena with audience on one side situated behind the judges, the organisation went with two judges for each class, my colleague on this occasion for both parts was Mrs Helen Dennis. Not great weather conditions but this did not affect handlers or dogs.


Nineteen entries

Six training rounds.

Three did not compete

1st : Mary Muxworthy , Gwynion Solo : A tri border collie , worked a well planned and controlled routine using a multiple moves showing off the natural abilities of the dog. He responded well to the handler who did not over exaggerate hand signals, a worthy 1 place.

2nd: Chris Baldwin, If only the third: A nice jack Russell working to the postman pat theme music, Chris made good us of the props within the routine , a better use of the ring space would enhance the routine as the routine took place in one main area.

3rd: Carole Hill ,Mirrwood Ziga : This routine was well choreographed and took into consideration the size of the dog , he was well handled , responded well to all instructions .Nice use of props and ring .


Eighteen entries

Three training rounds

Three did not compete

1st: Annette lowe , Kinaway Mistic Spires : A well choregraphed routine which contained a change of music which contributed to the telling of the story , A good use of ring space and props . The dog responded well to all instructions, working in a willing manner in full partnership with the handler.

2nd: Emily Crookes , Borderpride love Actually : This collie was full of life working in harmony with the handler , mixing different paced moves , nice music interpretation , good use of ring space , just gave the impression of a little rushed in one small part.

Pauline Goddard , Brookside Jazz of Valgray: Well controlled routine , good mixture of moves showing off the abilities of the dog .

Paul Ballard - Head judge

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