Heelwork to Music in the UK

Head Judge’s Reports – Tomlinsons 14 September, 2014

Starters Freestyle – Jill Davis with Kerstin Kerr

This was Kerstin’s very first judging appointment and I hope we shall see a lot more of her on this side of the table in the future.

1st - Claire Steventon with Stillmoor Lily Breeze a BC Bitch performing to Hey Big Spender by Shirley Bassey. This team stood head and shoulders above the rest of the class. Props were a chair and a scarf which were used by the dog to go round and jump over, plus a wide variety of other moves such as chest jumps, walking on handler’s feet, walking up behind, weaving and circling all of which were performed accurately and on cue.

2nd -Meryll Haigh and Trevellis True Promise a BC Bitch performing to Chim Chim Cheree by Dick Van Dyke. Props were a chimney and a sweep’s brush. Various moves utilising these props were performed well on the whole with just a few missed cues. Not quite the variety and number of moves of the above team, hence a lower content mark.

3rd- Denise Jennings and Popado Bishop Flower a Crossbreed Bitch performing to Steptoe and Son by London Music Works. Props were a dustbin and a wooden cart. Denise was wearing a cap and a neckerchief. The cart was used several times for different moves and I was particularly impressed by the dog’s moves in and around the bin. A very imaginative use of props.

4th- Meryll Haigh and Trevellis Pure Heaven a BC Bitch performing to Walking Back to Happiness by Helen Shapiro. Props were two signs Happi Ness and Loneli Ness and a walking stick. I would have liked to see the dog being asked to walk back when the words said “walking back”. It seemed a bit out of sync as it was. Otherwise pretty accurate and a good achievement to get both her dogs in the top four.

Novice Heelwork to Music – Jill Davis with Nicci Hindson

This class had such a huge entry that it had to be judged in two parts, each with its own winner and places. We were blessed with perfect weather for the show – dry and not too hot. Everything ran smoothly and tasty refreshments were available all day.

Part One

1st -Karen Sykes and Kingsfarm Spring Surprise a WS Bitch performing to Orange Coloured Sky by Nat King Cole. Still very young, Karen has brought this lovely bitch on slowly but steadily. She has lovely attention and a pleasing working style and I look forward to watching her progress.

2nd -Jackie De Jong and Jackie’s Diva Ziva a BC Bitch performing to Big Bad Handsome Man (Chris?) by Caro Emerald. Jackie is finally able to get back competing seriously again and they performed well together, understandably avoiding too much sideways movement which may have aggravated her leg.

3rd - Linda Glover and Twm Bach Twister a WS Dog performing to Liquid Lunch by Caro Emerald. A popular choice of artist as there is always a good beat to move to. I was impressed by Linda’s Musical Interpretation with the dog’s movements accurately reflecting many of the lyrics. Slightly less accurate than the previous two dogs and a couple of lapses of attention but a good round nevertheless.

4th  - Diane Jones and Ivenza’s Little Dancer a Miniature Poodle Bitch performing to Liberty Bell by USA Marine Band. Just turned her first birthday and what a little cracker. Eager to get on with her routine as she entered the ring, she enjoyed ringing her bell and going round it. A few inaccuracies and one lapse of attention but definitely another one I am looking forward to seeing again as she grows in experience.

Part Two

1st - Naomi Evans and Stillmoor Cloudy Sunset a BC Bitch performing to Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Naomi made good use of the floor space and I was particularly impressed by the dog’s lovely sidestepping . On the whole a very accurate round although the dog lost attention a couple of times. It seemed to be quite prevalent I noticed this weekend of dogs either sniffing or looking at the floor.

2nd - Sheila Kendrick and Tithelea Last Crusade a BC Dog performing to Just Can’t Get Enough by Depeche Mode. My mean reasons for awarding lower content marks were that the heelwork positions were often not held for long enough and lower accuracy marks because the dog picked something up off the floor and also sniffed the floor on at least 3 other occasions (see my previous remark above).

3rd - Iris Maxfield and Just Call Me Rolo a WS Dog performing La Tortura by Shakira. Wide working the main fault here but Rolo is coming along nicely in heelwork and once he has tightened up a bit will be much improved.

4th - Emily Crookes and Chazak Royal Rumble a BC Bitch performing to Rumor Has It by Adele. A lovely handler who knows how to get the best out of her dogs and this is another youngster. Just on the borderline of points due to jumping out of position and lack of attention but Emily kept it simple for her to minimise the inaccuracies.

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