Heelwork to Music in the UK



Judges Jan Debnam and Vee Richardson

1st. Cathy Bates and Ruskath Lyrical Image performing to The Rose by Bet Midler. Score 26.5

A stylish and relaxed round that was adjusted to fit well into the space available. The pace and choice of moves suit the dog and present a high degree of difficulty.

2nd. Louise Ince and Decoyman’s Piper Edward performing to Flash Bang Wallop by Tommy Steele. Score 25.0

This round is such fun, much faster paced than the winner and also containing a good range of moves, on theme, that demonstrate the skill of handler and dog. Moves well orientated and making good use of the space. Very entertaining to watch.

3rd. Joanna Mayston and Mists of Tawny performing to The Phantom of the Opera by Gerard Butler/Emmy Rossum. Score 21.2

This routine is less well developed but contains some interesting moves with good potential, making good use of the props, including a masquerade mask. Less independent working on the part of the dog, and the amount of space used in the ring is currently limited.

4th. Di Morgan and Darquest Fancy That performing to The Snooker Song by Mike Bat. Score 18.95.

This round is fun, but is still work in progress, with Fancy currently having a debate with Di about the exact role of the snooker balls. Some interesting ideas, with the props used consistently throughout to maintain the choreographic theme. The moves are well orientated but more of the space available could be used to improve the round.
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