Heelwork to Music in the UK

Forest Oak Farm 16th April 2016 

  Novice Freestyle

12 entries, 8 completed the round.

1st, Esther Kent and Cavalier king Charles Spaniel, Gosport Riva. Scoring 19.6. This was the clear winner for both judges. A competent little routine demonstrating some good moves such as back weaving and rolling up in a blanket. The dog worked willingly with good attention and cue responses. I felt the use of the ring space [admittedly huge!] could be augmented and the musical interpretation further developed. Well done.

2nd, Naomi Baggaley and GSD Jacobrad Ace Storag. Scoring 17.25. A short simple routine eminently suitable for this 10 year old gentle giant who was retiring from HTM today – not without some tears. After a diffident start this lovely dog, an ambassador for his breed, settled down into his routine. Happy Retirement.

3rd,Jenny Knudson and Shetland Sheepdog Kelgrove Man in Blue. Scoring 16.75. Some clever ideas here such as retrieving the fish and pulling the boat chain. Props were well chosen to be relevant and were well used but some were casually abandoned after use which is not ideal. This routine has potential to be developed.

4th,Laura Reynolds and Lowchen Bundu Star Paws. Scoring 16.70. A good balanced content but “little dog stops” and floor sniffing impeded the flow and accuracy was a bit erratic at times. However, this routine covered the ring space well and was both amusing and interesting to watch and judge. Posy is such a little cutie!

General comments . Some handlers tried to pack in too many moves, especially tricks, which were often erratic and did not flow one to the other. At the other end of the scale was a lovely flowing routine but sadly all at slow pace and lacking commitment from the dog. Many handlers used flapping hands and wildly jesticulating arms giving mixed messages to their dogs and causing them to be uncertain of the cues. Freestyle should demonstrate a story or strong theme inspired by the music, rather than just interpreting its rhythm phrasing and timing. Emma Yardley best met this criteria today.

Head Judge  -Lesley Brocklehurst.
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