Heelwork to Music in the UK

Fylde K9 Dancers  25.5.15 

Advanced Freestyle - Lead Judge's Report - Jill Davis

1st Ann Shuker with Splish Splash performing to Homefront in the Blitz. This routine tells a very topical story of life during the Second World War, taking us from hanging out the washing parodying the song about the Siegfreid Line, flying the Union Jack, hiding under the bed during an air raid until the 'all clear' and then finally being evacuated with her teddy in her suitcase. Although I have seen this routine many times now it still tugs at the heartstrings and no moves were missed that I spotted although I did downmark for chewing the teddy. Gained 26.4

2nd Cathy Bates with Ruskath Lyrical Image performing to a change of music It's Raining Men. As one might expect from the title the props of choice were umbrellas - a big one for Cathy and a small one for Sybil. A lot of distance work and moves behind Cathy which has become her signature style and which they do very well. Just one occasion when Sybil was unsure of one of her behind moves and unfortunately also distracted by two dogs having a cafuffle in the collecting area. This is a routine in its early stages so they did well to have it this polished already and will develop even further over time. Also gaining 26.4

3rd Angela Briggs with Wandering Coast to Coast performing to "Reviewing the Situation". Not quite as on form as last time he performed and got his qualifier, missing a few cues but nevertheless hot on the heels of the first two gaining 25.95. I thought the interpretation was excellent and perhaps a few more moves could be added now to improve the content mark, in my opinion.

4th Pamela Ruscoe with Kilkenny's Sassy Girl performing to "Calendar Girl". Well hasn't this team progressed! Leading us through the calendar with various props and changing costumes with the dog helping to dress and undress her. Most moves asked for were performed accurately although a couple were a bit half-hearted. I don't think some of the choreography was as pertinent to the lyrics as it could be and in my opinion if this was worked on you would be placed higher. Gaining 23.5.

Only two other teams actually worked their dog whilst the remainder did training rounds. I have no problem whatsoever with training rounds and anyone is always very welcome to do them when I am judging. I can sit back and relax and I actually enjoy watching how people help their dogs in the ring. There can be many reasons people want to train their dogs and as it is something I often like to do myself I am always glad of the privilege of being allowed to do one when the need arises.
Fylde K9 Dancers May 2015 

Monday 25/5/15

Novice Heelwork To Music 

Head Judge Louise Ince

Thank you to K9 Flyde Dancers for inviting me to Judge at their show at a NEW fantastic venue.

The atmosphere was relaxed and happy despite the huge entry and after two very long days I was surprised just how many competitors worked in this last class as it was after 8pm and I have to say those that did work or did training rounds still produced some good work from their canine partners.

The top Four were

1st. Place – Helen Boyd and Lujento Jessie Jay

What a stunning young large dog this was, she held some lovely heelwork positions and glided elegantly around the ring, definitely one to watch in the future as this was her first show and she is now already into Intermediate. Well Done

2nd Place – Helen Taylor and Stillmoor Miss Marble

Another young dog with bags of potential. Well held positions but a bit grabby at times, definitely pushing Helen, well done on your place and another dog that is now in Intermediate.

3rd Place – Marie Docherty and Tri Caraid Pacha Belle Merin

One of the only dogs to work without hand targets on all positions and still held well. This dogs heelwork has improved significantly since last year and it will not be long before Marie has moved up a level too. If you have not done so already!

4th Place – Heather Smith and Yankee Dancing On Ice

Loved this little dogs position held very tightly and moving in different directions now Heather just needs to teach a few more positions and directions to be at the other end of this class which will be no problem for this talented handler.
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