Heelwork to Music in the UK

Flyde K9 Dancers HTM Show at Blackpool Sunday 9 August 2015 

Starters Freestyle – Judges Kristine Hodgson and Louise Ince 

Thank you to the Blackpool team for inviting me to Judge at this lovely show. A really nice friendly and relaxed atmosphere is always apparent at this show and a huge ring! 

The Results for Starters Freestyle 

1st Place – Hannah Star with Pacolito Playmaker 22.85 What a lovely high energy routine this was, both Kristine and I had you as our winner. There were some great moves and retrieves in this round, the ring space was used to good effect as well and the ending with both partners lying on the floor was a nice surprise – mind you I think you were probably both tired after using all that energy and needed a lie down! Be careful not to just put moves in that your dog can do – just because she can. Keep your moves so that they are relevant to your music choice. Well Done. 

2nd Place – Selina Walton with Annaside Henry The Third 21 What a lovely partnership this team have between them. This routine was well put together with some nice linking moves and Selina tried to Interpret some of the words on cue too. The lovely trot that Henry has really suited the music choice of “ Puppet on a string”.

3rd Place – Jean Page with Trip The Light Fantastic 18.6 I loved the music choice for this pairing and Jean worked really hard to move with the music too. A very energetic dog who did get a bit stressed at times but still managed some nice work, watch the grabbing of you and the prop and also your tie was a bit of a distraction. A good attempt. 

4th Place – Angela Payne with Two Step 17.4 Well Angela dressed to impress to “Diamonds are A Girls Best Friend” and her dog was a little overwhelmed by the audience but Angela stayed calm and helped her dog to focus and work his routine. I think this was your first HTM competition so well done on your placing. 

It is always interesting to Judge a Starters class and there was definitely a mix of standards here today. Some of the other dogs in the class did some nice work but barked or were anxious in the ring making it difficult for them to focus and work well. My advice keep smiling and speak nicely and calmly to your dogs, if they feel you are tense then they will also get stressed. Easier said than done, but keep working at it, they are all worth it. Louise Ince
Fylde K9 Dancers August 2015 
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