Heelwork to Music in the UK

Fife Animals Dog Training Club –Sunday 12 October 2014

Thank you to Fife Dog Training Club for asking me to judge at your friendly show. It was really good to see so many young handlers and new faces.

Novice HTM ( Co-judge Pamela Ruscoe)

Many of the dogs in this class were distracted to a greater or lesser degree, and the marks reflected this.

1st – Alison Sinclair and Barrabrae Misty Dancer of Siochail, Gordon Setter, performing to The Cry of the Celts by Ronan Hardiman. Bracken was a bit distracted at the start, but with good handling managed to settle down and give a creditable performance demonstrating the teamwork between handler and dog. There was a lovely variety of pace which really suited the music. 19.2.

2nd - Toni Lock and Capehope Inja Sana, BC, performing to The Maiden and the Warrior. The music suited handler and dog, but routine would have benefited from longer stretches of heelwork to show that Sana could maintain position. This routine had good content but not always accurately executed, and it lacked flow, with occasional nipping by Sana. 18.60

3rd – Barbara Bury and The Young Pretender, performing to Footsteps by Daniel O’Donnell. Dog very distracted at times leading to inaccuracies, in what could have been a very nice routine. 17.50.

4th – Penny Mansfield and Triforce Banner, Australian Shepherd, performing to Dad’s Army by Bud Flanagan. This young dog was slightly spooked when the music and air raid siren began. Penny had to work very hard to keep her going. Good ideas within the routine. 17.05.

Intermediate F/S (Co-Judge Margaret Whyte)

1st – Helen Taylor and Bankhill Lord Of The Rings Purepixie, Papillon, performing to Thank Heaven for Little Girls by Maurice Chevalier. Lovely routine with Frodo snuggling up to the two pink poodles. He comes over as such a character. Lots of content and good story telling. 22.7

2nd – Pamela Ruscoe and Cheeky Keeva of Kilkenny, Cross, performing to Living Alright by Joe Fagin. Keeva was spooked prior to the start by the microphone but thanks to Pamela’s handling managed to get back on track, to execute a very good routine with good use of props. 21.90

3rd – Pamela Ruscoe and Kilkenny’s Sassy Girl, Cross, performing to Calendar Girl by Neil Sedaka. Really well thought out routine with dressing gown and bedsocks! Erin worked really well. 20.55.

4th – Barbara Bury and The Young Pretender, performing to Green Door. Good use of props in a really good routine. Dog responds best when Barbara keeps moving. 20.10.

Jeanette Fyfe - Head Judge.
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