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Cruft's HTM Dog activities team
Every year at Crufts, the Kennel club runs a special events ring and training area to showcase all the sporting activities people can do with their dogs.
This year the HTM team usually managed superbly by Jenny Deakin is being run by Ann DeRizzio while Jenny takes a sabbatical.

In September last year Ann put a call out to those who compete in HTM asking for volunteers to come to Crufts and be part of the team. She was inundated with applicants. Ann has chosen the team to reflect the wide variety of dogs and people that currently compete in the sport. 

The team has handlers aged from 10 to 70 plus. People from all walks of life, one team member is an assistance dog trainer , another studying to be a doctor, and from all over the country, members have travelled from, Scotland, Wales, the North, South and East of England to train at a variety of locations over the winter at their own expense, the team has shown commitment and most importantly enthusiasm.

The team has a wide and varied selection of dogs, this year breeds represented the sport are the:

West highland white terrier
Flat coated Retriever
German short hair pointer
Cocker spaniel
Tibetan Spaniel
Parsons JR
Border collie
Austrian Shepherd 
German Shepherd
Jack Russell
bearded collie
Chinese crested
Golden retriever

and a wide a varied selection of crossbreeds.

The theme for this year is fun. this sport can be done by anyone with any dog, you do not have to rise to the dizzy heights of competing in the Advanced class and in the main arena to enjoy this sport.  The vast majority of handlers are ordinary people wanting to take part in a  fun sporting dog training activity with their dogs.
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