Heelwork to Music in the UK

International Freestyle Finalists

Running order

1. Czech Republic - Irena Isvankova with Mystic Layla Aibara

2. Switzerland - Monika Gehrig with Chiara My Fairy

3. France - Monica Grignard with Edelweiss

4. Sweden - Frida Binett with coup De Vent Juliette

5. Wales - emily High with Herumen Mountain Imp

6. Belgium - Herlinde Jans with Sharilin Kiki

7. The Netherlands - Grietje Wagenarr with Fjurdyhoeve Floyd

8. Emmy Marie Simonsen with DKFSCH Littlethor fleet of flames

9. Japan - Lucie Plevova with Power Jump Aibara

10. Germany  - Anja Jakob with Dancing  Little Shadow of Fast Crazy Fly

11. Scotland - Heather Smith with Dare to be Daniel

13. England - TBC

14. Austria - Lukas Bratscher with Flaco Out of the Dark

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