Heelwork to Music in the UK



Judges: Jan Debnam and Donna Wallington

Thank you to Louise and her team for inviting me to judge at this show. As usual at a Canine Performers Show there was a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and every attempt was made to assist the competitors. This venue has a lot of potential, having a good sized room, ample car parking and a wonderful exercise area with a country park behind the sports ground. The set up in the hall still needs a bit of adjustment, as there was quite a lot of movement around the ring in the early part of the show, which distracted some of the competitors.

Of particular note was that the competitors who did less well, and were struggling a bit to maintain their dog’s focus, remained kind and cheerful with their dogs. Well done everyone!

1st. Laura Wiley and Moonstyle Mystic Frost. Australian Shepherd Dog. Performing to Try by Pink. Score 23.45.

An accurate round, predominantly in forward movement, with a mixture of paces, and a good use of straight, circular and zig-zag moves. There was a good use of space and moves were well orientated towards the judges.

2nd. Christine Crawford and Krisannrio Calliesta. German Shepherd Dog. Performing to Roar by Katie Perry. Score 18.25.

This dog looks really wonderful when her mum moves at a faster pace, but didn’t show her true style in the slower parts of this round. The choreography made good use of the space available, and included good stretches of sideways movement, well orientated to the judges. Some nice pivots.

3rd. Josette O’Shaughnessy and Honeymist Minty Fox. Bedlington Terrier. Performing to Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheerin. Score 16.3.

This is a very pretty dog with a very stylish trot. Josette struggles a bit to maintain focus but that is improving, and the circumstances this time were quite challenging. There was a clear choreographic theme which respected the timing and phraseology of the music and included a good range of sideways and backwards moves – well done for including a more varied content.

4th. Catherine Care with Porterble Koko the Krop. German Spitz. Performing to Can’t get used to losing you by Andy Williams. Score 14.9.

Another round where focus was an issue, but the choreography showed that there was potential and had included a good range of forwards, sideways and backwards moves.

Jan Debnam. Head Judge.
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