Heelwork to Music in the UK

Crufts 2014 was a fantastic success 
HTM winner 
Heather Smith
Freestyle Winner 
Richard Curtis
International freestyle winner 
Richard Curtis
Richard Curtis
HTM Winner And Judges
Crufts 2015 
Gina Pink
Ann DeRizzio
Claudia Moser
After a closely fought fantastic competition hosted by Rugby DTC on Saturday the 24th of January at the Kennel club building in Stoneleigh the top ten dogs in both heelwork to music and freestyle received their ticket to the main arena. Below are the order of events for the three days of competitions

Crufts 2015 Running Orders

Thursday 5 March 2015 Freestyle

1 Lesley Brocklehurst with Genabacab Speck of Light

2 Anne Shuker with Splish Splash

3 Pauline Goddard with Mist of Snowdon

4 Lucy Creek with Dialynne Making Waves

5 Christine Oxtoby with Legacy’s Eze Ezekiel

6 Jackie Roberts with Rosmak Marmite Soldier

7 Sue Betteridge with Glenalpine Katie

8 Kim Lyddon with Canen You Said What

9 Heather Smith with Moonlight Magic Dancer

10 Lucy Creek with Harriot Skiffle King

Friday 6 March 2015 Heelwork to Music

1 Annette Lowe with Kinaway Mystic Spires

2 Lucy Heath with Stillmoor Winter Sun

3 Lesley Neville with Brambledale Blue Dewy

4 Jackie Roberts with Rosmak Marmite Soldier

5 Julia Folland with Jones’ Girl

6 Michelle Dodson with Kinaway Doctor Kildare

7 Pamela Sullivan with Norden Lights Hawk

8 Heather Smith with Moonlight Magic Dancer

9 Lucy Creek with Harriot Skiffle King

10 Caroline Garrett with Wildsea Phoenix of Fire

Saturday 7 March 2015 International Freestyle

1 England – To Be Confirmed

2 Austria – Lukas Pratschker with Falco Out of the Dark

3 Switzerland – Marianne Rentsch with Beyaz del Tesoro D’Oro

4 Italy – Lucia Imbergerova with Desperado Od Suche Hory

5 Belguim – Herlinde Jans with Sharilin Kiki

6 Wales – Maggie Jarman with Broad Beach Lucy

7 Denmark – Emmy Marie Simonsen with DKFSCH Littlethorn Feet of Flames

8 France – Roger Buonocore with Cookies Du Domaine De Jolea

9 Scotland – Heather Smith with Moonlight Magic Dancer

10 Sweden – Jonna Smedberg with Lizzroys Zoya

11 The Netherlands – Grietje Wagenaar with Fjurdyhoeve Floyd

12 Norway – Marianne Ass with Memory of Sara Av Sea Perto

13 Czech Republic – Katerina Veinlichova with Beauty Angie ze Stokova

14 Slovakia – Monika Olsovska with Arsinoe z Rise Wa

Paws and Music Association Interregional competition 
takes place on 
Monday the 29th of August 2016
Click the link for The Kennel club 's new Guide for Beginner handlers 
Crufts 2017 Heelwork to Music finalist
Lucy Creek
Annette Lowe
Kay Laurence
Cathy Bates
Caroline Garrett
Sue Dooney 
Karen Sykes
Michelle Dodson
Kath Hardman
Jackie Roberts
Crufts 2017 Freestyle finalist
Lucy Creek
Kim Lydon
Karen Sykes
Mary Ann Nestor
Annette Lowe
Anne Shuker
Lesley Neville
Isa Randell
Cathy Bates
Kay Laurence
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