Heelwork to Music in the UK

Paws and Music  May 2014

Starters Freestyle

Class 11

Head Judge Mark Collins

1st Emma Reynolds with Millicent White Diamond

Emma worked her Labrador retriever to Wiggle Worm Wiggle with some good freestyle moves and well use of the props, both covered the ring lovely

2nd Karen Braden with Maisie Mea Blue Moon Dancer

Karen worked her WSD to The Boy Does Nothing which was not the case with both of them work well as a team. Loved the part when Karen got the dog to creep and then started to mop the dog

3rd Sue McAuliffe with Decoymans Piper Wilma

Sue worked her Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever to Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head with them both using the space in the ring and a novel us of the umbrella as a prop

4th Penny Hudson with Its Just Happy Harry

Penny worked so hard the keep her West Highland White Terrier working to Dancing Queen, Great use of the ring and props as well

Starters HTM

Head Judge - Helen Taylor

There was a very varied standard in this class. Side stepping was attempted by quite a number of handlers which resulted in loss of concentration from the dog. It would have been beneficial for some dogs to keep the routine flowing and therefore maintain focus.

Nice to see Helen Glass and her dog doing some lovely Heelwork for the first half of the routine. It was such a shame that Hope lost attention and left the ring but keep up the good work!

1st Alison Hitchens with Boredale A Blush of Coral, a border collie performing to jump right in.

This routine did have some promising Heelwork especially across the front and on the left but there were times when the dog lost focus and drive especially when asked to side step. Will be a lovely partnership with more experience. Well done Alison on your win!

2nd Jill Van Assen with Bellisima Bella performing to sweet like chocolate.

Lovely little dog with a great attitude. There was some really nice forward moving Heelwork especially in the first half of the routine. Second half of the routine dog was a little distracted and lost momentum but overall a nice routine with music that suited dog and handler.

3rd Amanda Jinks with Stangard Waltz Wizard performing to Coming back as man.

Great costume. Loved the use of the mask on the back of Amanda's head very effective. Very well choreographed routine with a very enthusiastic boy. Some really lovely close Heelwork. A thoroughly enjoyable routine to watch. Well done!

4th Jean Onslow with Sammy Sparks performing to Radetzky march.

This handler was dressed in a lovely floaty top which unfortunately affected the dogs ability to maintain his Heelwork position. Some promising Heelwork and musical interpretation.

Intermediate Freestyle

Head Judge - Helen Taylor

Overall this class was quite a mixed standard. There was a number of routines without apparent choreography, a series of moves rather than a routine interpreting the music. Also a number of routines where the dog was lured into most of the moves.

1st Cathy Bates

This young dog did some lovely distance work and there were really nice moves. I loved the waving with the hanky, lovely. A worthy winner.

2nd Joanna Mayston performing to Rocky Road to Dublin. A dog with a lovely attitude, good musical interpretation and movement.

3rd Iris Maxfield with Just Call me Rolo performing to Can't say no! This dog had a happy attitude, I really liked the spin on the rocket and the end pose.

4th Vicki Price performing to Cupid

This routine had some nice moves the dog was a little distracted in places but overall worked well.

Intermediate Heelwork

Class 1

Head Judge Margaret Booth

1st - Paul Ballard with Indiana Joy of April performing to ‘Everybody’

This was a really excellent routine, well choregraphed, entertaining to watch and containing a good variety of moves. The team worked well together with the dog showing enthusiasm and accuracy. Well done Paul.

2nd -Joanna Mayston with Mists of Tawny performing to ‘It’s Raining Men’

This was another entertaining routine with a lively, happy dog. There were some really good transitional moves and effective use of the prop.

3rd -Helen Taylor with Bankshill Lord of the Rings performing tp ‘You Needed Me’

This was, as always, a delight to watch. The routine fitted the music perfectly utilising the lyrics effectively and demonstrating good continuity.

4th - Diane Jones with Tawnabawm Astrantia performing to ‘Pick of the Pops’

This was a well constructed routine showing imaginative use of props. The dog was a steady worker and the pair show delightful teamwork.

Advanced Dances With Dogs

Class 8

Head Judge Margaret Booth

1st - Ann DeRizzio with Stillmoor Show Stopper performing to ‘Cotton Eye Joe’

This was an exuberant performance demonstrating accurate interpretation of the music. The dog maintained interest throughout. It must have been hard to keep up the intense level of activity for the whole of the routine but Ann managed it successfully.

2nd - Iris Maxfield with Just Call Me Rolo performing to ‘Balaimos’

Iris gyrated enthusiastically but unfortunately Rolo was rather slow and less keen. He perked up part way through after Iris stroked him as a motivator.

Novice Dances With Dogs

Class 16

Head Judge Margaret Booth

1st - Ann DeRizzio with Stillmoor Rhythm N Blues performing to ‘Blame it on the Boogie’

This was a lively, free flowing boogie routine showing flair and good musical interpretation.

2nd - Cathy Bates with Ruskath Lyrical Image performing to Macarena

A well constructed routine with good choreographed arm movements. It contained quite a lot of heelwork and might have been better had we seen more creative dog moves.

3rd - Sue McAuliffe with Decoymans Piper Wilma performing to ‘Better Together’

This pair worked well together and the dog responded well to cues but more emphasis needed to be placed on the dance aspect.

4th - Alison Wilde with Shemella Badgers Moon performing to ‘Balaimos’

Alison included some good dance steps but unfortunately Badger seemed a bit lethargic and distracted on this occasion.

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