Heelwork to Music in the UK

Paws and Music Premier show 
August 2017


This must have been a record for Novice Dressage – 18 entries of which 15 completed their routines, 2 did not compete and 1 trained.

1st, scoring 23.55, Elaine Jubb and E S S Standrise Girl, performing to Tritsch Tratsch Polka A breathtaking demonstration of rhythmic trotting in perfect time with the music. There were patterns of movement including fig. of 8 and serpentines and rhythmical weaving. However, it was all forward movement and all at the same pace so for me there was not sufficient variation in the programme.

2nd, scoring 22.10, Jan Debnam with St. Poodle Vicmar Song and Dance, performing to Chants D’Auvergne and Misiriou . This performance oozed style and accuracy with a huge variety of moves, patterns, directional movement and paces and a very attentive young dog. Excellent interpretation and use of the music.

3rd, scoring 20.35, Kay Laurence and Gordon Setter Yennadon Linnet Among Genabacab, performing to Rondo by David Buckley. This was a very controlled demonstration of rhythmical patterns of movement to music at different paces. Merrick’s slow walking in perfect time was spectacular. Very good musical interpretation, using the pauses to great effect.

4th, scoring 20.20, Di Morgan and BC Hawkstor Out of the Blue for Darkquest, performing to Llorando Se Fue. A flowing routine with a very good content range including rhythmical circles and super weaving – not that easy to do in Dressage style. Actually I found this routine easy to watch as it seemed quite effortless!

Close on the heels of the above and all in qualifying marks and within a whisker of each other were – Donna Wallington, Esther Kent, Jo Preston and Louise Ballard.

Overall a really good standard. There were dogs who could not move in time with the music as the wrong choice of tempo had been chosen for them. Some were erratic at times, some over enthusiastic and jumping up and some were asked to do FS moves such as spins and twists which were too jerky and lost the flow and timing of their movement. FS tricks are not needed in this division, though I quite understand some dogs might need geeing up with a fun move!

Lesley Brocklehurst - Head judge
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