Heelwork to Music in the UK

PAWS N MUSIC  -27th & 28th Aug 2016.


In general terms, many of the dogs were still very dependent on direct hand signals from their handlers, which inhibited the performance of their routines. The first 3 routines were distinguished by their handler’s lesser use of hand signals, with the dog working more independently and getting on with their part of the performance.

On a safety note, can handlers please watch their dogs when doing spins/twists and similar moves to make sure they keep their paws on the ground and do not jump part of the move – which could injure the dog.

1st. Louise Ballard and Stillmoor Secret Fable Performing to Stray Cat Strut by Stray Cats.

A piece with a strong character as both Louise and her dog portray cats out on the town. A good routine with the props fully integrated and used throughout in a varied manner. Good use of space and orientation of the moves which are appropriate to the theme. There was a slight loss of concentration in the last third of the routine, but overall this is a very interesting routine with a mixture of interesting and appropriate moves.

2nd. Alison Wilde and Shemella Badgers Moon Performing to I’m Doon for Lack ‘o Johnnie by Vanessa Mae.

The use of a picture frame held by a lovelorn Alison makes sure that Badger works independently. The routine flows well and the choreographic theme is clear using a good variety of moves. There was a slight loss of concentration towards the end.

3rd. Jo Preston and Sweet Cody Girl Performing to Pineapple Rag by Scott Joplin. Score

This routine has a strong character with Jo portraying Charley Chaplin and remaining in character throughout, with Cody’s moves co-ordinated to her moves and to tell a story of a slightly disastrous little man and his unfortunate companion. Cody works independently from Jo’s body language for most of the routine and the Chaplin cane is used as a distraction to increase the difficulty of moves in places. An entertaining and interesting routine.

4th. Louise Leverton and Stillmoor Dancing Rosey Performing to Let it go from Disney’s Frozen Score.

A good choice of music for a lively young partnership. The choreography was clear and varied, well placed within the ring and using the space well. The performance could have been cleaner in places, but both partners were trying hard throughout the routine.

Intermediate Dressage

1st. Esther Kent and Gosport Riva Performing to Counting Stars by One Republic.

Although competing alone Esther and Riva’s performance well deserved a win at this level. Riva performs a good variety of dressage moves in both heel and free positions with an interesting use of patterns, pace and direction. For a smaller person Riva moves very briskly, covering the entire ring with style and determination. A classy performance.

Jan Debnam

Head Judge.
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