Heelwork to Music in the UK

Paws and Music premier show 
October 2017



1st. Dylan Smith and BC Corriedhu Chase, scoring 21.65. An expressive handler and exciting performance. Dylan’s handling of this keen dog was superb, just managing to keep the “lid on”!! A good range of content, which will be even better once Dylan can achieve more forward movement without Chase trying to take over. A worthy winner for myself and my co judge, Jo Preston

2nd. Carole Dodson and her little Xbreed, Fame Remember My Name, scoring 19.55 Carole was brave to work as she was suffering from a bug, and I felt Fame took advantage of this, moving out of position and some slow cue responses which we do not usually see from this team. A good and balanced content, timing and phrasing.

3rd. Johanna Saarkuoma and BC Mattaburra Wooley Mammoth , scoring 19.40. A good range of movement though no backing. Good attention and teamwork was evident and this handler used some expressive movements, good posture and obviously working to get rid of too many hand/arm signals. Well done.

4th. Di Morgan and BC Darkquest Fancy That also scoring 19.40. There was good flow, variation and interest in this routine , which I placed second. Also interpretation of the music and choreography were pleasing but it was accuracy which let this team down today – maintaining position and cue responses especially need some work.

Jan Debnam demonstrated an excellent TR with her young standard Poodle. He was given lots of encouragement and cuddles and produced some stunning heelwork.

Thank you PnM for the invitation to judge at this show and at the new venue in Kent.

Head Judge Lesley Brocklehurst

Show report Paws n Music Association Sat 7 October

Thank you to Carole and her team for inviting me to judge at this lovely new venue, and the last qualifier of the year. My co-judges Louise Ince and Jan Debnam and I were in agreement that the last qualifying places had been awarded to the right partnerships.

Advanced Freestyle

1st.Cathy Bates with Ruskath Lyrical Image scoring 26.17

This routine demonstrated some difficult distance moves with good distance control. No hand signals were needed, and all the cues were verbal. Sybil did some stunning passages of skipping too.

2nd. Lesley Brocklehurst with Rehyrb Makhaya scoring 23.27

This routine demonstrated the lovely partnership between dog and handler. It was very watchable and well-choreographed. The routine flowed well, and the moves were appropriate for the music.

3rd. Clare Steventon with Stillmoor Lily Breeze scoring 22.73

This routine started with an interesting opening sequence with the dog performing moves on a table behind the handler. The moves throughout were all in keeping with the theme and the routine was well thought out and choreographed. This little collie had a lovely attitude and their partnership was evident. The accuracy mark was lower as some hand signals are still rather obvious.

4th. Kay Laurence with Genacab Light Merlot scoring 21.27

There was quite a lot of circling in this routine, but one very impressive large circle backing at a distance, and some elements showed excellent control. However the routine lacked flow and there was no real theme.

Advanced Heelwork

1st. Caroline Garrett with Wildsea Phoenix of Fire scoring 26.13

A captivating routine, with all heelwork performed with the hands away from the body, and the dog responding promptly to the transitions. Fawkes worked with drive and enthusiasm demonstrating a real team performance. Stunning.

2nd. Cathy Bates with Ruskath Lyrical Image scoring 23.8

A nicely choreographed performance with elegant hands away and very subtle cuing. At times the heelwork was out of position reducing the accuracy mark.

3rd. Carole Dodson with Kinaway Doctor Porter scoring 23.27

This routine demonstrated some different paces with mostly hands away. This striking collie worked with great attitude and has a stunning trot. At times he was out of position requiring larger hand signals to get him in place, but a fantastic effort seeing as Carole felt so poorly.

4th. Sarah Smith with Forever Just Fen scoring 22.27

A very watchable and moving performance. Fen gave lovely attention throughout and demonstrated different positions and directions. Well done.

 Vee Richardson - Head Judge
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