Heelwork to Music in the UK

The HTM Working Party
In 2005 the Kennel Club put together the HTM working party to help with the development of the sport and its rules and regulations. The working party meets twice a year to work through any issues and aid the further development of the sport. The working party member give their time and commitment on a voluntary basis.
The links below will take you to the Kennel club website where the summary of working party meetings are available.

Working party members up to May 2018 were:


Stan Ford
Lesley Brocklehurst
Richard Curtis
Ann DeRizzio
Kath Hardman
Gina Pink
Dave Ray

 In May 2018 Lesley Brocklehurst and Stan Ford retired from the working party we thank them for all their invaluable contribution to heelwork to music.

13th of December 2016

23rd of November 2017
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