Heelwork to Music in the UK

Ynys Mon 11th & 12 of July 2015
 Sunday 12 July 2015 –  head Judge Kath Hardman

Thanks to everyone involved in the running of this annual weekend at Maggie Backhouse’s home! Some lovely weather – some wet weather but a super atmosphere over the two days’ competition. I really find this ring a “friendly” space and always enjoy my time competing there and I thank Ynys Mon for inviting me to judge once again.

I was Head Judge for Sunday’s Novice HTM class and with 20 entries I was looking forward to a great competition, however, whether it was because this was the first class of the day or because it was after a full day of competition on Saturday or maybe the horrendous rainstorm which kept the campers alert all night – but many changed their rounds into training along with some handlers entering the ring with the soul intention of training. A couple of teams were eliminated for leaving the ring which left me and my fellow judge Jill Davis, just 9 routines to score. Unfortunately, although there were 9 training rounds completed, there were some handler and dog teams who are just not ready to compete yet who could have probably made their time in the ring more worthwhile by training and having a good time rather than look like it really was hard work to keep going. These people need to step back and think about whether they actually achieved what they wanted by competing.

The Results

1st - Lorraine Rohland with Moortime Moonbeam – drawn first which isn’t an easy place to be in the first class of the day but Lorraine and Jade turned out a great routine with good Musical Interpretation. Well done on a really well presented routine. 23.25

2nd -Caroline Johnson with Moffatdale Dazzlin’ Sun – this team is making its way through the classes quite quickly, but today the accuracy let them down. 20.05

3rd - Amanda Jinks with Stangard Waltz Wizard – Well done Amanda – this routine has a fabulous theme with Amanda dressed as a lady at the front and as a man at the back. Just needs more work on the accuracy of the heelwork. 19.50

4th - Jenny Knudson with Kelgrove Man In Blue – well done for getting into the places. 16.60

Most points in this class were lost through poor accuracy – it would be good to see handlers ensure their dogs are in the intended heel work position before setting off as you are making the dog work harder to reach that moving target of “ dog’s shoulder reasonably close to the handler’s leg”! There was also a lack of Musical Interpretation which included lack of use of the ring space which is not difficult to cover at this show.

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