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May 2024

25th & 26th of May Paws N Music Association  Crufts semi final qualifiers

Heelwork to music - 1 Lucy Creek & Deltamadog Pobyddion Cae  2. Lucy Creek  & JK's Amazing Xante

Free Style - 1 Lucy Creek & JK's Amazing Xante  2. Mira Hitkasch & Aviary Super Mover


7th & 8th of May - Canine Freestyle GB Crufts semi final qualifiers 

Heelwork to Music - 1. Lucy Heath & Stillmoor Start Turn 2. Beverley Lockett & Sky Eye Lexi

Freestyle - 1 Nicci Hindson & Combyeanaway Wildest Dream 2. Lucy Heath and Stillmoor Here comes the Sun

April  2024


First Crufts Semi final qualifiers of the year a double qualifier competition at Forrest Oak Farm


Heelwork to Music Qualifiers : 1. Heather Smith & Wee Robert the Bruce 2. Andrea Deller & Comebyanaway Step in Time

Freestyle Qualifiers 1. Kim Lyydon & Elmleas Dance Out Loud 2.  Lucy Creek &  Deltamadog Pobyddion Cae


Heelwork to Music Qualifier: 1. Michelle Dodson & Kinaway Heart On Fire. 2. Lorna Hayes  & Nora of Beacon

Freestyle Qualifier : 1. Claire Giles & Aviary Special Effect 2. Andrea Deller & Comebyanaway Step In time



Crufts  Heelwork - Nicci Hindson & Comebyanaway Wildest Dream  Freestyle -  Lorna Hayes - Nora of Beacon


Top of the PAW Points


and the winners are for 2023

Top of the PAW Points ........

Jean Page has kindly crunched the numbers and added up the points of all  handlers in all classes over every competition in the country in 2023 Thank you so much Jean and thanks too to Kath Hardman for double checking that everything is correct.  The information was taken from the results that Kath has kindly collated for the website over the year. . Below are details of the teams that came out on top. Meaning that they have gained the highest points over the year. 

Huge round of applause to them and a thank you for supporting so many competitions - Points are gathered from every competition and any handler lucky enough to be placed in the top 4 with points will have a chance of becoming a Paw Points winner. 


2023 Top of the points teams with highest scores. If positions are the same then team scored same amount of points.

 Starters Heelwork                                                                   Starters Freestyle


1. Emily Sewell - Mister Unpredictable                                  1.Susan Balshaw - Rob Roberts

2. Dawn Heaton - Lamy The House Elf                                 2. Janet McPhearson - Aoibh Tango In The Night

2.Janet McPhearson - Aoibh Tango In The Night.                   3. Chloe Ellis - Svenbat Robot

4. Tracey Robertson - The Flynnster.                                    3. Kelly Stodart - Roe Beanine Meanie

5. Kathleen Bishop - coppermoss Lady Aurora Haf                 3. Peter Baden - Wrexham Rascal


Novice Heelwork                                                                      Novice Freestyle
1. Jess Jones - Caliwag                                               1. Annę Shaker - Mystical Moonshine
2. Jill Forbes - Forduns Shadow Dancer                         2. Dana Stafford - Jelabobs My Dream Come True
2. Kirsty Smith - Let's Boss That                                   2. Jasmine Gower - Marvellous Millie Mo
4. Helen Dennis - Comebyanaway Peace Time               4. Jen Smith - Montaki Charm The Moon
4. Jen Smith - Montaki Charm The Moon                      4. Kristine Hodgson - Passabaside Axel
4. Kristine Hodgson - Passabasdie Axel
Intermediate Heewlwork                                                      Intermediate Freestyle
1. Laura Syrett - Nora of Beacon                                   1. Anne Shuker - Smalls Skullduggery Swag
2. Paul Ballard -  Hardwicke Arrow                                2. Heather Smith - Wee Roberts The Bruce
3. Jess Jones - Caliwag                                                3. Paul Ballard - Hardwicke Arrow   
4. Anne Shuker - Mystical Moonshine                            4. Kim Lyddon - M&J Happy Days timeless Dancer
5. Mary Edgar - Tillychance Royal Sky Over Kip-croft      5. Kirsty Smith - Let's Boss This    
Advanced Heelwork                                                         Advanced Freestyle                       
1 Irene Holt - Oltomaine Jack                                     1. Lorna Syrett - Nora Of Beacon
2. Nicci Hindson - Comebyanaway Wildest Dream.        2. Helen Dennis - Comebyanaway Pure Love
3. Anne Shuker - Freckle Frenzie                                 3. Lesley Neville Brambledale blue Dewy
4. Cath O'Neill - Stettonhill's Jazzman                          4. Nicci Hindson - Comebyanaway Wildest Dream
4. Caroline Garrett -  M&J Happy Days Time To Jive.     5. Lesley Neville - Brambledale Brown Tedi
5. Lucy Creek - Deltamydog Pobbydion Cae
Top thee teams that gained the most points over the year.
1st - Irene Holt and Oltomaine Jack - 96 ( Heelwork)
2nd  - Lorna Syrett and Nora Of Beacon -  78 (Freestyle )
3rd- Lorna Syrett and Nora of Beacon -  60 ( Heelwork)


Top dog for 2023 Irene Holt's Oltomaine Jack







Crufts 2024 Judge are Jan Debnam, Kristine Hodgson and Brigitte van Gestel


12th. February update

Sadly Lesley Neville has had to withdraw her lovely Bearded Collie Brambledale Blue Dewy from the Crufts Heelwork to Music Final due to an injury - all the HTM community feel for Lesley having worked hard all year attending most competitions and finally qualifying for Crufts it must be heartbreaking to have to withdraw.

This now means that the current reserve - Cath O'Neill and her stunning GSD will now move into that slot - how lovely it will be to see a GSD in the HTM ring again.


January 2024

The Crufts semi final competition took place on 20th of January below is a list of those Lucky qualifiers. Interestlying only one none collie type dog qualified this year that's Lucy Heaths Trip Hazard.

In the heelwork class there are 9 border collies/working sheepdogs and one bearded collie. In the Freestyle class there are 8 border collies/working sheepdogs, one bearded collie and one crossbreed.


Crufts Heelwork competitors running order and music


1. Lucy Creek - Deltamadog Pobyddion Cae - BC -  Music - Play (From Finding Neverland Original Broadway Cast)

2. Lucy Heath - Stillmoor Star Turn - BC - Music - Lost Boy - Ruth B

3. Carole Dodson - Borderdance Dream Legend From Kinaway BC - Music - Incantation (Cirque Du Soleil)

4. Gina Pink -  Whitehorn Dream Catcher - WS - Music - Bring Me To Life (Live)  (Evanescence)

5. Michelle Dodson Kinaway Heart on Fire - BC - Music - Goosebumps (Cast of Goosebumps)

6. Lucy Creek - JK’s Amazing Xante - BC - Music - Toxic (2Wei)

7. Nicci Hindson - Comebyanaway Wildest Dream BC - Music - King of New York(Ben Fankhauser, Kara Linsey & Cast)

8. Helen Dennis - comebyanaway Pure Love BC

9. Christina Oxtoby - Legacy Heaven Sent Shai BC - Music - The Blessing (UK Blessing/World Blessing)

10. Cath O’Neill Stettonhill’s Jazzman - GSD - Music - Still Lovin’ You by The Scorpions


Leslie Neville  - Brambledale Blue Dewy - Bearded Collie - sadly has withdrawn

Reserve  - Cath O’Neil Stettonhill’s Jazzman - GSD -  Now finalist


Crufts Freestyle competitors


1. Helen Dennis - Comebyanaway Pure Love - BC - Music - Take A Look At Us Now (Javier Bardem & Shawn Mendes)

2. Kim Lyndon - Elmleas Dance Out Loud BC - Music - The Boy Does Nothing(Alesha Dixon)

3. Mira Htikasch - Aviary Super Mover - BC - Music  - Beautiful Ghosts - (Taylor Swift)

4. Lucy Creek - Deltamadog Pobyddion Cae - Music Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars)

5. Lucy Heath - Stillmoor Here comes The Sun - BC - Music - The Grease Megamix (John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John) 

6. Heather Smith - Google Chrome Fine Edition - Bearded Collie - Music - My Immortal (Evanescence)

7. Nicci Hindson - Comebyanaway Wildest Dream - BC - Music - Seize The Day (Newsies Original Broadway Cast)

8. Lorna Syrett - Nora of Beacon - WS - Music - Into A Fantasy (Alexander Rybek)

9. Lucy Creek - JK’s amazing Zante - BC - Music - Les Miserables (Les Miserables Symphonic Cast)

10. Lucy Heath - Trip Hazard - Crossbreed - Music - Lion King Medley (Carmen Twillie, Lebo M, Jason Weaver, Rowan Atkinson)

Reserve - Andrea Deller - Comebyanaway Step In Time - BC - Music -  Loyal, Brave, True by Christina Aguilera


 Crufts International competitors running order and music

1 Germany - Doreen Kuhrt - Luke vom Rehgebirge - Music - Champion of the Rising Sun

2 Norway - Cathrine Kise - JK Red Rubin - Music - Better When I’m Dancing

3 The Netherlands - Grietje Wagenaar - M&J Happy Days Obelix - Music - Lion King

4 Sweden - Kristin Warnbring - Pa Pricken Raser-Ruth - Music Silverado Theme song

5 Canada - Jennifer Fraser - Deloubelle Love Is All You Need - Music -Perfect Isn’t Easy

6 Italy - Lucrezia Pireddu - Latinborder Roll In - Music Medley of Sleeping Beauty & Maleficent

7 United Kingdom -  To be determined at Crufts

8 Hungary - Adrienn Bardos Mia The Dancing Queen - Music The Greatest Show

9 Japan - Lucie Plevova -  Perfect Phoenix - Music Alpenglow

10 Czech Republic - Alena Smolikova - Freestyle Fox Royal Fellow - Music  - Fishing Day/Catch a Fish

11 Switzerland - Gonnon Laetitia - Yoko Raindrop Ribble - Music Apple Jack & XyloSwing

12 Belgium - Jules O’Dwyer - M&J Happy Days Our Ditto - Music Pied Piper



October 2023

Team GB will be travelling to Italy to compete in the  European Open Championships - we have a fabulous team and we wish them well. Go team GB

Heelwork to Music Team

Irene Holt with Oltomaine Jack (Jack)
Lucy Creek with JK’s Amazing Xante (Jingle) or Deltamadog Pobyddion Cae (Bakersfield)
Lucy Heath with Stillmoor Star Turn (Foxy)
Nicci Hindson with Comebyanaway Wildest Dream (Elsa)

Freestyle Team

Lorna Syrett with Nora of Beacon (Nora)
Lucy Creek with JK’s Amazing Xante (Jingle) or Deltamadog Pobyddion Cae (Bakersfield)*(See below)
Lucy Heath with Trip Hazard (Trip)
Nicci Hindson with Comebyanaway Wildest Dream (Elsa)


September 2023






Sadly  Dave Ray died on the 2nd of September.
Dave was a key person with regards to the development and running of our sport . He got HTM showcased at Crufts in the early days and alongside Mary and Peter Lewis put on the very first HTM competitions hosted by Rugby DTC.
He was an original member of the HTM working party and was our Chair until he retired a few years ago.
Sadly he has suffered with health problems over the last few years - but it was lovely to see him backstage at Crufts this year with Mary - he was smiling and obviously enjoying himself.  Condolences to Mary and their family. 



Crufts 2024 Semi Final Qualifiers


The top two competitors in a premier competitions Advanced qualifiers HTM & Freestyle (not previously qualified) go forward to the Crufts Semi-final competition. Below is the complete list of all qualifying teams for the 2024 semi-finals which will be held in January at Forest Oak Farm in Gloucester.

Date Qualifying competition Division Handlers Name Dogs name Breed
9th March 2023 Crufts Freestyle Nicci Hindson

Comebyanaway Wildest Dreams

10th March 2023 Crufts Heelwork Irene Holt Oltomaine Jack



 8th April 2023  Forest Oak Farm  Freestyle  Lucy Heath  Trip Hazard



     Freestyle  Lorna Syrett  Nora of Beacon



     Heelwork  Lucy Heath  Stillmoor Star Turn



     Heelwork  Lucy Creek  

JK’s Amazing Xante

13th May 2023 Canine Freestyle GB Freestyle

Lucy Creek

Deltamydog  Pobbydion Cae

    Freestyle Lucy Creek

JK’s Amazing Xante

    Heelwork  Lucy Creek Deltamydog  Pobbydion Cae   BC
    Heelwork  Andrea Deller  

Comebyanaway Step In Time

 20th May 2023 Paws N Music Freestyle Helen Dennis

Comebyanaway Pure Love

    Freestyle Lesley Neville

Brambledale Dewy

Bearded Collie
    Heelwork Susan Steele 

SheltyshamSlim Roadie

    Heelwork Anne Shuker

Frenzie Freckle

X Breed
2nd June 2023 Bearded Collie Club Scotland Freestyle Kim Lyddon

Elmleas Dance out Loud

    FreeStyle Heather Smith

Google Chrome First Edition

Bearded Collie
    Heelwork  Helen Dennis

Comebyanaway Pure Love

     Heelwork Lesley Neville

Brambledale Dewy

 Bearded Collie
5th August Paws N Music Freestyle  Lucy Heath  Stillmoor Here Comes The Sun

 Border Collie


    Freestyle  Andrea Deller  Comebyanaway Step In Time

 Border collie


    Heelwork  Nicck Hindson  Comebyanaway Wildest Dream

 Border Collie


    Heelwork  Nicci Hindson  Comebyanaway What A Feeling

 Border Collie


6th August Haslemere Freestyle  Mira Hitikasch  Aviary Super Mover

 Border Collie


    Freestyle  Claire Giles  Aviary Special Effect

 Border Collie


    Heelwork  Gina Pink  Whitehorn Dream Catcher



    Heelwork  Lucy Creek  Sonnetend Cordelia



 26th August   Paws N Music  Heelwork  Michelle Dodson  Kinaway Heart On fire  Border Collie
    Heelwork Cath O'Neill

Strettonhill's Jazzman

    Freestyle Vay Coltrose Bru Bear Crossbreed
     Freestyle  Susan Wolf  Goldbounty's Buttercup  Golden Retriever
 9th September  Canine Freestyle  Heelwork  Caroline Garrett  M & J Happy Time To Jive  Border Collie
     Heelwork  Carole Dodson  Borderdance Dream Legend From Kinaway  Border Collie
    Freestyle Mary Muxworthy Beverton Ted Border Collie
    Freestyle Not awarded    
17th September South of England Heelwork Carole Dodson Fame Remember My Name X Breed
    Heelwork Christina Oxtoby Legacy Heaven Sent Shai Border Collie
    Freestyle Ann Smart Mystical forest Mymph WSD
    Freestyle Diane Jones Invena's Little Dancer Miniature Poodle
24th September Scottish Border Collie Heelwork  Ann DeRizzio  Stillmoor Flash Dancer  Border Collie
    Heelwork  Lisa Mappin   Casblaidd Valdoonican at Ayrewyne  Flat Coated Retriever
    Freestyle  Lesley Neville  Brambledare Brown Tedi  Bearded Collie
    Freestyle  Paul Ballard  Hardwick Arrow  Border Collie
25th September Scottish Border Collie Heelwork  Claire Giles  Aviary Special Effect  Border Collie
    Heelwork  Mary Edgar  Tillychance Royal Sky Over Kipcroft  Border Collie
    Freestyle  Angela Payne  Jitterbug  Miniature Poodle
    Freestyle  Pamela Ruscoe  Ychidig Draig  X Breed



May 2023

 Team GB are off to Denmark to compete in the European Championships. Best of luck to all Team GB members and their wonderful dogs; Nicci Hindson, Lucy Creek, Kristine Hodgson, Kim Lyddon and Team Manager Kath Hardman.

Vacancy for a HTM working party member - if interested please apply to the Kennel Club. 



February 2023



Crufts 2023 Judges


The highest honour for any HTM judge is to be asked to judge at Crufts - it is not only an honour but a responsibility and judges take that responsibility seriously - they must have an in-depth understanding of the rules and regulations of the sport and UK judges must be fully qualified to judge all classes and all divisions to the highest level.

Each year the Kennel club invites an international judge to judge alongside our UK judges - they too are fully qualified to judge in their own country and must also have full knowledge of UK judging criteria. They will be judging according to our rules some of which may differ to the rules set out in their own country.

This years judges - are Louise Ince, Sandra Hallam and Grietje Wagenaar 

Crufts 2023 HTM Activities team
We are  delighted to announce the Crufts HTM dog activities team for 2023. Handlers are from all across the UK and represent every class from Starters to Advanced.
Team members
Helen Boyd
Gill Crawford
Michelle Dodson
Carole Dodson
Naomi Evans
Jeanette Fyfe
Caroline Garrett
Janice Gibbons
Ellis O’Grady
Kath Hardman
Diane Jones
Mindy Kerr
Lisa Mappin
Richard Moss
Catherine Oldfield
Jean Page
Angela Payne
Sally Rapson
Karen Robson
Andrea Rogers
Pamela Ruscoe
Alison Sinclair
Kirsty Stuart
Alison Thompson
Vicki Tullett
Ann DeRizzio - team leader
What a wonderful selection of dogs we have demonstrating over the 4 days. :-
From Gundog group
Golden Retriever (6 of them!)
Flatcoated Retriever
Gordon Setters
Cocker Spaniels
Red Setter
Springer Spaniels
and a Clumber Spaniel
From Pastoral and Working
Collie X Poodles
GSD X Goldie
Border Collies
Mini American Shepherd
Australian Shepherd
From Utility and Toy
Papillion x Spitz
Poodle crosses
German Spitz
Shih Tzu
Tibetan Spaniels
and Gareth a blended  x dog with attitude
From the Hound and Terrier
Jack Russell
The team are training hard and have already attended two of the planned five team training days our next training day is next Saturday.





 December 2022

The running order for Crufts 2023 has been Drawn



1st    Helen Dennis
2nd   Lesley Neville
3rd   Kim Lyddon
4th   Charlotte Ball
5th   Lucy Heath
6th Jenny Witt
7th   Jill Davis
8th   Lorna Syrett
9th   Anne Shuker
10th Nicci Hindson


1st   Kath Hardman
2nd  Lesley Neville
3rd  Anne Shuker
4th Rachel Cudworth
5th Lucy Creek
6th Gina Pink
7th Irene Holt
8th Lucy Heath
9th   Carole Dodson
10th  Nicci Hindson


1st   Switzerland
2nd   Germany
3rd   Canada
4th   Sweden
5th   Japan
6th   Denmark
7th   The Czech Republic
8th   Norway
9th   Hungary
10th  United Kingdom
11th   Belgium
12th  The Netherlands
13th   Italy


October 2022

The show season is winding down - only a few more competitions left this year, which will then give handlers time to attend training shows and workshops and refresh and renew for 2023.

A new development oft 2023 will be the KC mentoring scheme for new judges. This will enable those who are just beginning their judging journey to gain from the experience and knowledge of those their mentors. more details will follow but the scheme is expected to begin in January 2023.

September 2022

The last Cruft qualifier for 2022 was hosted by the Scottish Border Collie club on the 24th and 25th of September - this competition rounded off the qualifies in style with a fantastic fun atmosphere. Two qualifiers were Kath Hardman and her Border collie Denby and Charlotte Ball - first time qualifier with her super crossbreed Monet. Those that have qualified for Crufts 2023 now have lots of time to prepare.

August 2022

The HTM working party hosted two zooms on the 23rd of August 2022 - the first for competitors interested in participating in any international team competitions. Kath Hardman explained the logistics of getting a team of handlers and dogs abroad and the costings and time requirements. This was a positive meeting and anyone interested will be invited to apply for the team when the next application process takes place.

The second Zoom meeting was set to allow the working party to go though the Summary of Recommendation from their last meeting in May and answer any questions or concerns. This was the first time this had been done and it worked very well and it was agreed to do this again.

Premier competitions

The competition season is well underway and it has been great to see people and their dogs again. Handlers winning either and advanced Freestyle or Heelwork to music class at a premier competition gain their golden ticket straight to Crufts 2023. Below are the names of those happy handlers and dogs so far.


Date   Qualifying competition Division Handler name Dogs name Breed
9th & 10th April 2022 Forest Oak (Glos) Canine society Heelwork to Music Nicci Hindson

Comebyanaway Wildest Dream

Border Collie
     Freestyle  Kim Lyddon  Elmleas Dance Out Loud  Border Collie
7th & 8th May 2022  Canine Freestyle GB  Heelwork to Music  Carole Dodson  Borderdance Dream Legend From Kinaway  Border Collie
     Freestyle  Anne Shucker  Freckle Frenzy  Crossbreed
21st May 2022  Paws N Music Association  Heelwork to Music  Irene Walsh  Oltomaine Jack  Border Collie
     Freestyle  Nicci Hindson  Comebyanaway Wildest Dream  Border Collie
4th June 2022   Bearded Collie   (Scottish Branch)  Heelwork to Music  Anne Shucker Freckle Frenzy  Cross Breed 
    Freestyle  Jill Davis  Demelza at Gildersway  Border Collie 
25th & 26th June 2022  Aberystwyth DTC  Heelwork to Music  Lesley   Neville  Brambledale Blue Dewy  Bearded Collie
    Freestyle   Jenny Witt  Lavender Lollipop  Chihuahua
6th August 2022   Paws N Music Asssociation  Heelwork to Music  Lucy Creek  JK Amazing Xante  Border Collie
    Freestyle  Lorna Hayes  Nora of Beacon  WSD
7th August 2022  Haslemere  and District  Heelwork to Music  Gina Pink  Whitethorn Dream Catcher  WSD
    Freestyle  Helen Dennis  Comebyanaway Pure Love  Border Collie
26th & 27th August 2022 Paws N Music Association  Heelwork to Music  Lucy Heath  Stillmoor Star Turn  Border Collie

 Lucy Heath

 Trip Hazard  Crossbreed
 10th & 11th September   Canine Freestyle GB  Heelwork to Music  Rachel Cudworth  

Janjelly’s Top Gun Goose

    Freestyle  Lesley Neville  Brambledale Blue Dewy  Bearded Collie
24th & 25th September 2022 Scottish Border Collie Club Heelwork to Music  Kath Hardman  Stillmoor Extra Special  Border Collie
    Freestyle  Charlotte Ball  Monet in a Million  Crossbreed



May 2022


The Kennel Club  announced the newest member of the Heelwork to Music Working Party, Ms Kim Lyddon.  Kim's  appointment was approved by the Board at its recent meeting.

March 2022

UK Crufts Winner for Heelwork to Music and Freestyle was Nicci Hindson and her super collie Comebyanaway Wildest Dream.

The Crufts international Freestyle winner was Marianne Elise Methi and Very Vega, a Border Collie representing Norway


 28th January 2022


It is with great pleasure that we announce the Crufts Dog Activities HTM team for 2022

Team members come from all over the UK . They are working in all classes from  Starters to Advanced and have a wonderful wide selection of dogs breeds and types.


Team Manager - Ann Derizzio


Team Members are in alphabetical order:


Charlotte Ball

Helen Boyd

Daniella Chapman

Gill Crawford

Carole Dodson

Michelle Dodson

Naomi Evans

Janice Gibbons

Kath Hardman

Carole Harris

Kate Kayes

Emily High

Mira Hitikasch

Diane Jones

Mindy Kerr

Lisa Mappin

Lynsey McMinimee

Richard Moss

Ellis O’Grady

Jean Page

Angela Payne

Karen Robson

Andrea Rogers

Pamela Ruscoe

Kirsty Stuart

Alison Thompson

Hannah Thompson


27th January 2022

New member of the HTM working party

The Kennel Club Activities Committee has appointed a new Chair to the HTM working party after the retirement of Dave Ray. Dr Jacqueline Boyd chaired her first meeting in December 2021.

We asked Jackie for a brief introduction:

"Hello, I'm Jackie. I was hugely privileged to join the HTM WP in 2021 as Chair to assist the working party in all endeavours to promote and support Heelwork to Music. I am passionate about having fun with our dogs and keeping them fit, happy and healthy through training and activities.  I'll look forward to seeing many of you over the coming months"

 We welcome Jackie to the HTM community.


10th January 2022


Crufts is our next big show - Those lucky enough to be going to Crufts will now be training hard. The sport will be represented there in several ways. In the main arena with the Freestyle, Heelwork to Music and International Freestyle competitions held over the first three days of Crufts. Check out Crufts pages shortly.

There will also be the Young Kennel club Crufts HTM and Freestyle Competitions.

Displays in the Kennel Club dog activities ring every day and demonstrations in the Good Citizen ring too.

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