Rules & Regulations



Ann DeRizzio is running Rules and Regulations seminar in Wrea Green Preston on the 18th of February

Kath Hardman is running a Competition Organisers seminar via zoom on the 10th of February


For further information on this sport run by  the Kennel club click the blue link -


Click here for the PDF.


Click the link  for Kennel Club guide for judges  full of useful information for competitors too Judges guide


The Kennel club has a Rules and Regulations seminar for Judges or those who wish to have some more information on the regulations  and judging - theses seminars are delivered up and down the country and can now sometimes be accessed on zoom by Kennel club accredited judges trainers.

The current accredited trainers are:

Ann DeRizzio

Kath Hardman

Pamela Ruscoe


There is also a practical judging seminar for further information on this or the  R & R seminar contact either the Kennel club or one of the accredited trainers. 



Kennel Club press release 22nd December 2021 rule changes click the link below


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